Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Porkoláb Family

I deceided to write a blog devoted entirely to the family of my 6th-great-grandmother: the Porkoláb family.

My 6th-great-grandmother was Erzsébet Porkoláb, born about 1741 and died 13 Jun 1788, both in Tiszadob. She was married to István Tóth, a nobleman, sometime after 1757 in Tiszadob. I have an extensive genealogy of the Porkoláb family. It begins in 1635 and ranges to present time, and consists of 41 pages of 13 generations of descendants. The Porkoláb family was THE largest family in Tiszadob, and they were known as such.

I believe I've been able to connect Erzsébet Porkoláb into the very beginnings of the family tree, as a daughter of Márton Porkoláb. He was known as Márton 'Szakálas'.. or Márton 'the Bearded'. He was known by this nick-name because his only male first cousin was also named Márton. This cousin was known as Márton 'Katona'.. or Márton 'the Soldier'.

Márton 'Szakálas' was the son of Jákób Porkoláb and Márton 'Katona' was the son of János Porkoláb. Jákób and János are the sons of the original progenitors of the family, Márton Porkoláb and his wife Dorottya Baranyai. They also had another son named Mihály, who had no known male issue.

Márton Porkoláb, his wife Dorottya Baranyai and their three sons were granted nobility on 09 Feb 1635 by King Ferdinand II. It was later recorded in Petneháza in 1650. They were also granted a coat of arms, which you can see below:

Not much is known about the ancestors of Márton Porkoláb and his wife Dorottya Baranyai. In the beginning of the patent of nobility for Márton it states: "agilis (anyai részrõl nemes) Porkoláb Márton hûségét és hû szolgálatait". This means "agile (mother's noble side) Porkoláb Márton loyalty and faithful services". So apparently Márton's mother's family was already noble. But, I haven't found anything to connect them in anywhere.


  1. Loved your article. You might be interested in reading my blog

    I went to the castle at Egars, "Land of the Beautiful Women) a few hours outside of Budapest. In 1552 about 2,000 Hungarians (a few soldiers and mostly women) defeated over 15,000 Turks. It was quite a fete. In the castle there is a "Hall of Heros" where they list 200 names of those they deemed the heros of the battle. Kalman Porkolab is listed as one of them.

    There is a photo of it on my blog. My father-in-law's parents both imigrated from Hungary in the early 1900's. While I was in Hungary this was the only encounter of the Porkolab name I came across; but it was impressive.

    Enjoyed your research on the family name.

    Jayme Beckelheimer Porkolab

  2. Great article. I'm a Porkolab in Alberta Canada, but all of my Dad's relatives (quiet a bunch) live in and around Niagara Falls, ON. My mom is doing extensive work on the Porkolab line, I'm going to send her a link. If you don't mind me asking, are you LDS?

  3. Hi Cindi,

    I'd love to collaborate with your mom on her research. Odds are we most likely connect. I'm related to Jayme who commented above.

    No, i'm not LDS.. I just use their resources extensively to be able to do my research.

    You can contact me at

  4. My father (77yrs)is not sure, believe it or not, if his Mother (my Grandmother)'s maiden name was Porkolab or Tilk (sp?). I guess my Great Grandmother was divorced twice and put my Grandmother and her siblings into a work house.(!) My Grandmother was first generation American- so at sometime her Mother moved to America from Hungary. Not sure when- we don't have a lot of info from that side. My Grandmother lived in Cleveland Ohio. I live in Ohio now as do most of the rest of my family. I wish I knew more about her side. Just thought I would share:)

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Please contact me at we can talk about your family more. I might have more information for you.


  6. Thanks, Nick - I will after the holidays (I just now saw your message). Hope your holidays are great!