Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Genealogy Goals for 2010

I liked Elyse's blog post about her goals for 2010, so I thought I would give it a shot. Here are some of my goals I wish to complete for this upcoming year. Be warned, it's going to be a lot. I'm a very driven and persistent researcher, I'll get most of it done... hopefully!

1. Continue with my Hungarian Marriages Project. As of right now, I have the marriages for the Reformed churches of Tiszadob and Taktaszada complete, and I'm 95% done with Tiszadada. I also have a portion of marriages for District I of Budapest complete as well. At the moment, I have these other parishes at hand to begin indexing: Büdszentmihály (1737-1852), Tiszalök (1761-1852), Tiszaszederkény (1753-1895) and Kesznyéten (1760-1895).

2. Prove my descendancy from Revolutionary War Captain, Samuel Martin. Born 26 Mar 1732 in Ireland and died 18 Nov 1836 in Dallas, Lincoln Co, NC. My 3rd-great-grandfather was William S. (probably Samuel) Martin. He was born about 1804, probably in Lincoln Co, NC. He is the grandson of Captain Samuel Martin. I'm just unsure who his father was.

3. Find actual documents including information on my noble Hungarian ancestors from these families: Berzeviczy de Berzevicze, Fekete, Horváth de Perlak, Izdenczy de Komlós, Kottány de Kothan, Miskolczy, Széky, Szük and Tóth.

4. Research my Posen roots: the families of Domagala/Domagalski, Gadacz, Gotowa/Gotowy and Lesniewski. They came from these two areas: Birkenfelde, Kreis Znin, Posen, Prussia, now Brzyskorzystew (Żnin), Bydgoszcz, Poland, and Gluschin, Posen, Prussia, now Głuszyna, Poznan, Poland (part of Poznan).

5. Break down my Costilow brick-wall. James Costilow, whom I know nothing about, was married to Mary Bethia Hopkins in Adams County, Mississippi in 1818. Mary Bethia is a descendant of English and French royalty from the 1300-1400's.

6. Document my descendancy from the English and French royalty from the 1300-1400's. I descend from them through my 4th-great-grandmother Mary Bethia Hopkins Costilow Bell.

7. Learn anything I possibly can about my 3rd-great-grandmother, Martha A. Miller. She was the wife of Civil War veteran James Andrew J. Costilow. She was born 18 Nov 1836, possibly in Alabama and died 19 Dec 1877 in either Holmes or Yazoo county, Mississippi. They were married on 25 Jul 1855, place unknown. Her dates were taken out of a Costilow family bible, that seems to have disappeared.

8. Learn more about my earliest Rodgers ancestor: James Rodgers. He emigrated Ireland in 1718 and came to America, going to Pennsylvania before he finally settleding in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia in the mid-1700's. James died not long before 22 May 1760 in Augusta County, Virginia. He left behind a widow, Ann, and two sons: James (married Margaret) and Thomas (married Elizabeth White). There was a possible third son named John.

9. Continue the research on my Black Forest ancestors. My research in Gutach is near completion (after nearly 10 years). And I now need to move onto Hoheweg (Beilarz's), Reichenbach (Schondelmaier's), Sankt Georgen (Schultheiss) and Kirnbach (Summ's).

10. Continue my research on my Bohemian ancestors in the Czech parish records available on RecordSearch. These are the main families: Grundmann, Heller, Kasper, Matzken, Müller, Munzig, Paschant, Reichelt, Reichenbach, Sandrich, Schicketantz, Schneller, Tietze/Tieze, Vogel, Weishaupt and Wenzel. They are from Graber, Litomerice, Bohemia (now Kravaře, Litoměřice, Czech Republic) and also neighboring Johnsdorf, Litomerice, Bohemia (now Janovice, Litoměřice, Czech Republi). I'm also researching in the towns Dörfel (now Víska), Littnitz (now Litice), Schönau (now Křenov), Schönborn(now Stráž u České Lípy) and Waltersdorf (now Valterice).

11. Begin research on my Sprengling and Mai families from Weinolsheim, Kreis Oppenheim, Hesse, Germany. I know very little on this family.


  1. Nick - are you and Elyse conspiring to pull us old genealogists into this? LOL. I will be putting my list forth next week!

  2. Hi Nick - those are some great, well-defined goals. I hope you're able to achieve them all next year!

    Your Revolutionary War ancestor, Samuel Martin, is listed in the DAR database with 3 proven children: James, William, and Jane E. Have you requested a record copy yet? That might help you. Also, you should enlist the help of your local SAR chapter, as well. Many chapters have skilled, active registrars who would love to help, especially with the prospect of gaining such a wonderful, new, YOUNG member!

    If you have questions about DAR/SAR research, please feel free to contact me.

    Elizabeth O'Neal
    Little Bytes of Life

    P.S. Hey Thomas, who you callin' OLD??? ;-)

  3. Nick, not sure if you are on GenealogyWise, there is a man on there that will help prove your lineage and if interested fill out paperwork for you to joint the SAR. He did my line, for my son, he found my soldier in a day and all I had to do was get a few records. His name is Bob Thomas, well worth looking him up.

    Otherwise, great goals for the new year!

  4. A great new resource for finding early books that may help with your Genealogy efforts. The will digitize on demand any book amongst the over 770K books they have available.

  5. Great goals. I look forward to reading your blog as you accomplish them. Best wishes for the New Year.