Monday, March 15, 2010

The 2010 Census

Today I received in the mail my family's form for the 2010 census. I have to say, I was extremely excited to finally be doing my 'first' census. I was only 13 the last time the census came around.

When I opened up the form and saw the lack of questions, I was deeply upset. No occupation? No income? No birthplace? Not even if we owned a radio! (I think only genealogists would pick up on that one..haha).

As a whole, I'm horribly unsatisfied with the 2010 census bureau. How are my relatives and descendants, 72 years from now, supposed to find out anything relevant to genealogy with these questions?

I do have to say, in the race section I checked 'other' and wrote in Hungarian. At least that's two more Hungarians counted for statistics.

Let me know your thoughts on the 2010 census.

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