Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Connection To Queen Elizabeth II

Recently, I was able to connect my ancestor, Margit Berzeviczy, into the very well documented and very old noble Berzeviczy de Berzevicze family. Through the Berzeviczy's I also descend from several other very large and well-known noble families from Hungary. They're the Bárczay de Bárcza, Merse de Szinye, Soós de Sóvár and Sziny de Teresztén families.

Interestingly enough, the current reigning monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II, is 1/16 Hungarian! Queen Elizabeth II's 2nd-great-grandmother was Countess Klaudina Zsuzsánna Rhédey de Kis-Rhéde. She was born on 21 Sep 1812 in Erdőszentgyörgy, Transylvania to Count László Rhédey de Rhéde (1773-1835) and Baroness Ágnes Inczédy de Nagy-Várad (1788-1856). On 2 May 1835 in Vienna, Austria, Klaudina was married to Duke Alexander Paul of Württemberg.

All of Klaudina's ancestors are of Hungarian nobility. She descends from many well-to-do and powerful Hungarian families, but the one that interests me the most is the Kapy de Kapivár family.. my family! My common ancestor with the Queen & Klaudina is György Kapy de Kapivár and his wife Klára Bárczay de Bárcza. That would make me 12th cousins, twice removed with Queen Elizabeth II! Not much is listed about György in Iván Nagy's book "Magyarország Családai", other than his father was living in the 1520's and his children were living in the 1530's.

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