Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Baksa Genus - Baksa Nemzetség

The Baksa genus (also sometimes written as Boksa, Boxa and Baxa), is a Hungarian clan dating itself back to the era of the Árpád dynasty. The Baksa genus held large amounts of land possessions primarily in Heves, Szabolcs and Zemplén counties. Their largest possesions were Bodrog-Szerdahely, Dorogháza, Gyüre, Homoki, Kövesd, Lagmócz, Nagy-Halász, Szöllőske and Zemplén.

It wasn't until the 13th century that the Baksa genus reached significant political roles in Hungary. Important figures of the Baksa genus at that time were the Ispán named György and also Tamás and László. György was a general in the Hungarian army during the Battle on the Marchfield allied with Habsburgs, which involved the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian lands and the Kingdom of Hungary. The opponent of the Habsburgs and Hungarians of the battle were the Bohemian army led by King Ottokar II of Bohemia. Oddly enough, King Ottokar II's paternal grandmother was of the Árpád family.. the ruling dynasty of Hungary.

Tamás and László fought along-side king Károly I of Hungary against the rising oligarchs after the end of the Árpád dynasty. They then participated in King Lajos I of Hungary's Italian wars, for his claim on the throne of Naples.

There are numerous branches of the Baksa genus that took on their own independent names and are still thriving today. The known Hungarian families that can trace their origins to the Baksa genus are the following:

Agóczy de Agócz (agóczi Agóczy)
Bacskay de Bacska (bacskai Bacskay)
Bocskay de Bocskó és Kis-Maria (bocskói és kis-mariai Bocskay)
Csapy de Csap (csapi Csapy)
Eszenyi de Eszeny (eszenyi Eszeny)
Gálszéchy de Gálszéch (gálszéchi Gálszéchy)
Kendy de Kende (kendei Kendy)
Kövesdy de Kövesd (kövesdi Kövesdy)
Pósváraljai de Pósváralja (pósváraljai Pósváraljai)
Soós de Sóvár (sóvári Soós)
Széchy de Gálszéch (gálszéchi Széchy)
Szerdahelyi de Szerdahely (szerdahelyi Szerdahelyi)
Szürtey de Szürte (szürtei Szürtey)
Zrittey de Zritte (zrittei Zrittey)

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