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The Family of Károly Tóth and his wife Mária Tóth, of Tiszadob

Two weeks ago, I posted an entry about the first Hungarian document I found. That document is what began my entire search on my Hungarian ancestors. I thought it'd would be neat to show my documented work for a single family for each blog entry.

This entry will be focused on my great-great-grandmother's family. Her name was Eszter Tóth, and she was the daughter of Károly Tóth and Mária Tóth (who were 4th cousins). Károly and Mária were married on 09 Jan 1856 in Tiszadob, entry number 5. Károly was 20 years old and Mária was 19, both were from Tiszadob and were listed as földmives - farmers. Fortunately for me, the sister of Károly was married on the same day. Her name was Terézia Tóth and she was married to an Imre Németh. She was 17 and he was 26. Terézia was a földmives, like her brother Károly, and Imre was a mólnár - a miller. Here is their marriage record:

Their first child was named Károly. He was born 22 Nov 1856 and baptized a day later on the 23rd, both in Tiszadob. In his baptism record he is listed as "elsö-születt", which means "first-born". Károly only lived to be 10 years old. He died on 04 Jun 1867 in Tiszadob. The circumstances are quite sad for the death of Károly. According to his death record, he fell into some kind of pit or hole in the ground in the neighboring town of Szerencs, and drowned. Looking more into his death, it seems very odd. Szerencs is about 17 miles north of Tiszadob (where they were living) and would have been a good 5 hour walk. What was little 10-year-old Károly doing in Szerencs? Here is his baptism record:

Their second child was named Lajos. He was born 17 Oct 1860 and was baptized three days later on the 20th. I can only presume that Lajos lived to an old age, as he was married and had children. He was married to Borbála Balogh on 14 Sep 1884 in Tiszadob and had four children that I know of: Lenke (1886), Terézia (1888), Borbála (1891) and Lajos (1894). The record available to me end in 1895, so it's entirely possible that Lajos and Borbála had several more children. Here is his baptism record:

Their third child was László, a name-sake for his paternal grandfather. He was born on 01 Mar 1863 and was baptized two days later on the 3rd. László only lived to be two years old. He died on 25 Sep 1865 of "red smallpox". Here is his baptism record:

Their fourth child was Zsuzsánna. She was born on 04 Oct 1865 and was baptized a day later on the 5th. Zsuzsánna had two spouses and seven known children. Her first husband was László Porkoláb and they were married on 16 May 1883 in Tiszadob. They were divorced within a matter of two years, as László remarried in 1885 in the neighboring town of Tiszadada. He was divorced again and married four years later in Tiszadob. I feel bad for the women who had to deal with him, he must've been a real jerk. Anyway, Zsuzsánna was remarried to a man named Dániel Szuhai on 31 Dec 1888 in Tiszadob. It was with Dániel that Zsuzsánna had her children: Dávid (1889), Dávid (1891), András (1892), Bénjámin (1896), Dániel (abt 1905), Pearl (1908) and Samuel (abt 1909). It is to Dániel and Zsuzsánna that my great-great-grandparents (Sándor Gombás and Eszter Tóth) immigrated to when they came to America in 1909. Zsuzsánna died on 16 Nov 1937, in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Her and her husband are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, in Painesville, Ohio. They have many descendants still living today. Here is her baptism record:

Their fifth child was Mária. She was born 03 Oct 1871 and was baptized two days later on the 5th. Mária was married to Bálint Balogh on 29 Dec 1890. Bálint was the brother of Borbála Balogh, wife of Mária's brother Lajos. Mária and Bálint had a set of twin sons in 1891 named Máté and Bálint. As I stated before, the records available end in 1895, so they could have had more children that we don't know about yet. Here is her baptism record:

Their sixth and last child was Eszter, my great-great-grandmother. She was born on 22 Sep 1874 and was baptized two days later on the 24th. On 13 Mar 1895 in Tiszadob, she was married to Sándor Gombás from the neighboring village called Büdszentmihály. Sándor came to America in 1902. Eszter followed suit and came a year later in 1903. While during her stay she had two children, Susan (1904) and Gyula (1906). She returned to Hungary with her daughter Susan and then finally came to America for good with her children in 1909. Sándor and Eszter had a total of eleven children: Alex (1896), Sándor? (1897), Balázs/Robert (1898), József (1900), Susan (1904), Gyula/Julius (1906), Esther (1910), Sophie (1912), Elizabeth "Betty" (1913), Dallas "Casey" (1916) and Julia (1920). Sándor died on 02 May 1931 in Goff, Butler County, Pennsylvania. Eszter died on 04 Apr 1950 in Richland Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. They're both buried in the "Old Anadale" Eau Claire Cemetery, in Venango, Butler County, Pennsylvania. Here is her baptism record:

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