Monday, April 11, 2011

FamilySearch Find Of The Day

Today I'm focusing on the FamilySearch database "Czech Republic, Northern Bohemia, Litoměřice Archive Church Books, 1552-1905". My great-grandfather's mother, Anna (Weishaupt) Stuempges, came from this area of Bohemia. I was delighted a few years ago, when I saw that FamilySearch had added these digital records online, because these records weren't previously available on microfilm. You either had to hire a researcher, pay the archive for the records or actually go there yourself.. all very pricey!

Anna Weishaupt was born 06 May 1867 in Graber (also called Kraber, Kravare; today it's called Kravaře), as the daughter of Joseph Weishaupt and Maria Anna Kasper. To date, I've been able to trace back to Anna's 2nd-great-grandparents on her paternal Weishaupt line.

They were Anton Weishaupt and Anna Maria Sandrich. Here is an extract of the marriage record:

Date of marriage: 14 May 1753, Kraber
Groom: Anton, the son of Christoph Weishaupt, from Schönau
Bride: Anna Maria, the daughter of Wentzel Sandrich, from Kraber
Witnesses: Wentzel Kraus, the "bürgermeister" (mayor) and Joseph May, the "schulmeister" (schoolmaster); both of Kraber


  1. I always laugh when my father makes a comment about Bohemians.... and he is part. he says its too far back :)

  2. That's funny! Well it's really not that far back, it's his grandma! So he'd be 1/4 Bohemian. I'm not sure about your grandma Dorothy's family.