Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Second Marriage of Leon Leśniewski

I was recently told about a website which holds some digitized records from the Poznan area of Poland. The website is called "szukaj w archiwach" and you can find it here: Not everything is digitized yet, but I was fortunate enough to find some records pertaining to my family, the Gotowy's and Leśniewski's.

Although the area is Poland, the records were actually kept in German.. well, these were at least. And if you know me, you know I can read these documents like their English. :-)

Document Number: 41
Registration town and date: Kurnik, 16 Oct 1885

Groom: häusler Leon Lesniewski of the Catholic religion, was born 07 Apr 1825 in Kurnik and is a resident of Daszewice. He is the son of the late (vestorben) maurer (a mason/bricklayer) Melchior and Marianna Kaminska Lesniewski, residents of Kurnik.

Bride: widow (wittwe) Marianna Maczkowiak of the Catholic religion, was born 13 July 1845 in Daszewice and is a resident of Daszewice. She is the daughter of the late (vestorben) häusler Franz and Marianna Smigaj Czubarra, residents of Daszewice.

Witness: Carl Sieben, 59 years old and resident of Kurnik

Witness: Michael Gasinski, 59 years old and resident of Kurnik

Leon Leśneski
+ + + (assumed to be Marianna's signature)
Carl Sieban
Michal Gasinski

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  1. Is this resource limited to Catholic records? Or might there be Jewish ones as well? The ancestors in question come from Grodzisk Wielkopolski (Gratz), Szamocin, and Kozmin. I had never heard of this archives site before, so I am very excited by your posting. Of course, the google translate version of the page isn't much help. I'd mostly be interested in the 1840 - 1860 time period. Thanks!