Friday, February 10, 2012

Genealogy Find Of The Day: Baptism of My Great-Grand-Uncle, Albert Dudash

For a while now, I've been doing the blogging theme of "FamilySearch Find Of The Day", highlighting new finds I stumble upon and discover for my family tree. I came across a great find today on and I came to the conclusion I could change the title of my theme: Genealogy Find Of The Day.

Today's "Genealogy Find Of The Day" highlights the baptism record of my great-grand-uncle, Albert Dudash. He was married to my great-grandfather's sister, Elizabeth "Betty Gombash". Below is an extract and image of the record:

First Hungarian Reformed Church, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Entry Number: 96
Date of Birth: 01 November 1908
Date of Baptism: 07 November 1908
Name of Child: Albert
Gender: Male
Legitimacy: Legitimate
Father: Dudás György, csömöri szül. (born in Csömör), ref. (Reformed), bányász (miner)
Mother: Diószeghy Juliánna
Residence: Whitsett, Pa
Sponsor: Fazekas István
Sponsor: Bóczán Jánosné (Mrs. János) szül. (born) Gyüre Erzsébet
Priest: Kalassay Sándor

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  1. The Whitsett Historical Society would like any family photos of the Dudas Family. We have a website on facebook: Whitsett Historical Society/Whitsett,PA