Sunday, June 10, 2012

Surname Saturday #6: Czarny

Czarny is the surname of my paternal grandmother's mother. They were a Polish family who immigrated to Chicago from a village called Osobnica, Poland. Thanks to the help of a distant cousin and friend, I've been able to add additional data to this line that I normally wouldn't have been able to. You know who you are, and thank you! :) Here is my line:

1. Martha Violet Czarny
b. 24 Apr 1911, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
d. 23 Oct 1989, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
m. Edward Robert Adas, Sr.; 16 May 1934, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
*Mary Louise Adas (my grandmother), b. 02 Mar 1940, Chicago; d. 03 May 1896, Chicago
*Edward Robert Adas, Jr., b. 08 Sep 1941, Chicago; d. 15 Oct 1995, Chicago

2. Wojciech Czarny
b. 24 Apr 1888, Osobnica, Poland
d. Oct 1961, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
m. Rozalia Sophia Wozniak; 26 Oct 1908, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
*Edward Michael Czarny, b. 03 Jul 1909, Chicago; d. 08 Oct 1994, Chicago
*Martha Violet Czarny (above)
*Helen T. Czarny; information omitted for privacy.

3. Szymon Czarny
b. abt 1839, Osobnica, Poland
d. unknown
m1. Anna Dybaś; bef. 29 Jan 1870, Osobnica, Poland
m2. Katarzyna Kiełtyka; 27 Apr 1875, Osobnica, Poland
*Grezgorz Czarny, b. 1870, Osobnica, Poland
*Jakub Czarny, b. 1872, Osobnica, Poland
*Agata Carny, b. 1874, Osobnica, Poland
*Anna Czarny, b. 1876, Osobnica, Poland
*Jozef Czarny, b. 1878, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1962, Chicago
*Marcin Czarny, b. 1880, Osobnica, Poland
*Agata Czarny, b. 1882, Osobnica, Poland
*Sophia Czarny, b. 1885, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1956, Chicago
*Wojciech Czarny, (above)
*Marianna Czarny, b. 1892, Osobnica, Poland
*Anna Czarny, b. 1896, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1959, Chicago

4. Jakub Czarny
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Marianna Pięta; 06 Nov 1867, Osobnica, Poland
*Szymon Czarny, (above)
*Jan Czarny, b. 1844

5. Andrzej Czarny
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Teresa

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