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The Nobility of Demeter Szük in 1690

Yesterday, I was able to obtain a written transcription from the 1730's of the 1690 patent of nobility that was issued to my 8th-great-grandfather, Demeter Szük. He was granted the nobility on 09 Jun 1690 by King Lipót I of Hungary, and was later recorded in Nagy-Ida, Abaúj county, Hungary on 11 Jan 1691. The four following images are copies of the transcription written in the 1730's. It has some great information on it! :)


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

This is an amazing find, Nick. Congratulations! Where were you able to locate this document?

NickMGombash said...

It sure is, Lisa! These documents came from the Zemplén county archive. FamilySearch has a great deal of the nobility records from the Zemplén county archive available on microfilm (28 microfilm). The first microfilm is an index (Elenchus Actorum nobilitarium) that covers the rest of the microfilmed nobility records, which are incomplete via FamilySearch. I have indexed and made the Elenchus Actorum nobilitarium available online on my website:

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Nick - You are a treasure trove of Hungarian genealogy resources. Thanks for all the work you have put into Hungary Exchange to share your experience and research finds with others.

Adriana D. said...

Hello Nick,
I am very interested in Hungarian genealogy since my mother was Hungarian. She has told that our family came from Egervár, hence my middle name Von Egervár. I just wanted to know more about this family. If there is any information you could give me, it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Adriana

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