Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Maternal Lineage: Update 2

It's been a year exactly since my last update on my direct-maternal lineage. I've found out a lot since then, and actually a lot just last night. One interesting thing I found out over the year, is that my MTDNA belongs to Haplogroup K. That means I share MTDNA with Ötzi, the famous ice-man whose remains were found on the Ötztal Alps just inside the Italian border.

Now for the data. The last I knew a year ago, was my dead-end ancestor Catharina Beilharz and her mother Barbara Winkler. Here is an update on all the new data I've found:

1. Catharina Beilharz
b. 16 Jan 1761, Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 30 Oct 1818, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m1. Christian Brohammer; 26 Sep 1787, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m2. Georg Breithaupt; 27 Sep 1807, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Brohammer, b. 24 Sep 1788, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Conrad Brohammer, b. 01 Jul 1790, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Maria Brohammer, b. 08 Nov 1793, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany

2. Barbara Winkler
b. 20 Mar 1736, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. bef. 30 Oct 1818, Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m1. Johann Blum; not married-illegitimate child
m2. Johann Jacob Beilharz; 04 Sep 1758, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Catharina Beilharz, (above)
*(need to check for further children!)

3. Catharina Aberle
b. 05 Dec 1701, Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. unknown
m. Conrad Winkler; 16 Nov 1723; Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christina Winkler, b. 24 Dec 1724, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Lucia Winkler, b. 12 Aug 1727, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Anna Winkler, b. 29 Jul 1728, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Susanna Winkler, b. 24 Sep 1731, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Winkler, (above)

4. Anna Maria Löhrer (also spelled as Lehrer)
b. 12 Dec 1684,  Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
d. unknown
m. Jacob Aberle; 14 Feb 1699, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Maria Aberle, b. 14 Jul 1700,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Catharina Aberle, (above)
*Lucia Aberle, b. 04 May 1705,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Christina, b. 17 Apr 1708,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany

5. Maria Obergfell
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Jacob Löhrer; 21 Aug 1660, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Hans Jacob Löhrer, b. 21 Jun 1669, Schondel, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Hans Georg Löhrer, b. 17 Jan 1678, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Löhrer, b. 24 Apr 1679, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Anna Maria Löhrer, (above)

There are at least 25 more years of church records available, prior to Maria Obergfell's marriage (in 1660) so I'm fairly certain I'll be able to find her baptism record. If I'm lucky, I might even find the marriage for her parents which would include HER mother's maiden name! That unfortunately would be the absolute dead-end on my maternal line. Let's cross our fingers and hope for good things! And a fun new interesting name for the final surname of my direct maternal line!

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