Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Satisfaction Of Mortgage: 13 Oct 1891; Gustav & Augusta Martin, in Langlade County, Wisconsin

Satisfaction Of Morgage, Vol 12, page 280
Mortgage bearing date 27 Jun 1891 executed by Gustave Martin and Augusta Martin his wife to S. E. Leslie and by him assigned to me which said morgage was duly recorded in the office of the register of deeds in the county of Langlade in the State of Wisconsin, on the 27th day of June A. D. 1891, at 2:30pm, in Vol 21 of Mortgage, on page 257 and do hereby release the same and all my right, title and interest, in and to the premises therein described and to the Register of said is hereby authorized to enter this Satisfaction of Record.
Dated at Brillion this 13th day of October 1895
Wit: A. H Werner
Wit: J. J. Radloff

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