Saturday, November 03, 2012

Surname Saturday #24: Sprengling

I've always been a bit curious about this branch of my family, because of my distant Sprengling grandmother. My 3rd-great-grandmother, Katharina Sprengling, died at the extremely young age of 29 years old.. much too young for a mother of three infant boys.

I was fortunate enough to make a visit to Manitowoc and Newton, Wisconsin, a few weeks ago. The sole reason for this visit, was to visit the graves of Katharina Sprengling and her husband (who later remarried twice), Johann Peter Stümpges/Stuempges. Katharina is buried in an unmarked grave in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. She is buried right under an absolutely beautiful tree, which I'm attaching a picture of to this blog post (to the right). I'm actually curious as to how old that tree is...

I also also fortunate enough to gain access to the church records, at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (thank you again, Sara!). The very first record I looked for, was Katharina's death/burial record (to the left). I was a bit shocked when I found her entry, with how much detail it actually gave. It stated she was "Catharine Stümpges born Sprengling" wife of Johann Peter Stümpges. That she was born in "Weinoldshain" (actually Weinolsheim) in Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany. She died on 25 Oct 1863 at 7am and was buried three days later, on 28 Oct 1863 in the parish cemetery.

Here is what I know of Katharina Sprengling's paternal lineage:

1. Katharina Sprengling
b. 27 Jun 1834, Weinolsheim
d. 25 Oct 1863, Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
m. Johann Peter Stümpges; 06 Oct 1859, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Newtonburg, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
*Johann Philipp Julius "John" Stuempges, b. 30 Nov 1860, Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
*Philipp Bernard Stuempges, b. 15 May 1862, Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
*William Heinrich Stuempges, b. 06 Oct 1863, Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

2. Johann Philipp Sprengling, akermann
b. May 1796, Weinolsheim
d. 25 Jul 1849, Weinolsheim
m1. Elisabetha Krause; 1820, Weinolsheim
m2. Katharina Mai; 12 Apr 1829, Weinolsheim
*Elisabetha Sprengling, b. 27 Apr 1821, Weinolsheim
*Andreas Sprengling, b. 20 Jan 1823, Weinolsheim
*Johannes Philipp Sprengling, b. 1826, Weinolsheim (later a pastor at the above mentioned St. John's in Newton)
*Anna Maria Sprengling, b. 15 Jan 1830, Weinolsheim
*Johann Philipp Sprengling, b. 20 May 1832, Weinolsheim
*Katharina Sprengling, (above)
*Peter Sprengling, b. 10 Jun 1836, Weinolsheim
*Barbara Sprengling, b. 11 Apr 1839, Weinolsheim
*Christina Sprengling, b. 14 Mar 1843, Weinolsheim

3. Johann Peter Sprengling, ackermann
b. 1761, Weinolsheim
d. bef. 12 Apr 1829, Weinolsheim
m. Katharina Lohr
*Eva Sprengling, b. abt 06 Sep 1791, Weinolsheim
*Johann Philipp Sprengling, (above)
*Maria Agnes Sprengling, b. 11 Jan 1799, Weinolsheim
*Maria Christina Sprengling, b. 1801, Weinolsheim
*Johann Peter Sprengling, b. 18 Jul 1804, Weinolsheim
*Maria Gertrauda Sprengling, b. 1806, Weinolsheim

4. Paul Sprengling
b. abt 1719
d. 1780, Weinolsheim
m. Anna Maria
*Apolonia Sprengling, b. Dec 1748, Weinolsheim
*Christian Sprengling, b. 21 Oct 1750, Weinolsheim
*Johann Peter Sprengling, (above)
*Hartmann Sprengling, b. unknown


  1. Dear Nick,
    you mentioned:
    *Johannes Philipp Sprengling, b. 1826, Weinolsheim (later a pastor at the above mentioned St. John's in Newton)
    *Johann Philipp Sprengling, b. 20 May 1832, Weinolsheim

    Johannes and Johann is the same name for me; maybe the first one died as a child and the second one was later the mentioned pastor. But maybe I'm wrong.

    best regards, Hermann

  2. Hi Hermann,
    I've actually noticed in my research that Johann and Johannes are used as two different names. I've seen families where they have both a Johann and Johannes, and both lived to adulthood to marry and have children.