Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FamilySearch Labs - AMAZING!; February 13, 2008

The LDS & FamilySearch have really come a long way since I first began my research about 7 years ago.  They have created a new project called FamilySearch Labs.  The purpose of FamilySearch Labs is to create and showcase new technologies for the genealogy community.  So far they have seven projects available to the public: Family Tree, FamilySearch Indexing, Life Browser Prototype, Pedigree Viewer, Record Search, Research Wiki and Standard Finder.

Of these seven projects, I'm constantly using two: FamilySearch Indexing and Record Search.

FamilySearch Indexing is a great project that allows the genealogy community to help FamilySearch build up their wealth of information, and it aids the researchers too!  Here is the project's description from their website:

"Extract family history information from digital images of historical documents to create indexes that assist everyone in finding their ancestors."

After FamilySearch Indexing has compiled an index for records, it's then taken to the other project that I already use extensively: Record Search.  Here is the project's description from their website:

"Record Search helps you identify your ancestors by letting you search millions of indexed records and by letting you browse images of records that have not yet been indexed.  Quickly you can begin to uncover information about your ancestors that may have required days and or weeks of work."

If you're a member of the genealogy community, I greatly recommend using these great tools.  It'd be great to help with the FamilySearch Indexing project as well.. the quicker records are indexed, the quicker the records will become available to the public!


FamilySearch Labs

FamilySearch Indexing

FamilySearch Record Search

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  1. Glad your enjoying Family search labs, my husband actually did a fair amount of the work on that project, it still is improving and more information is coming on board all the time. There is a lot of information in that Granite mountain and they have been scanning copius amoun tsof information tso keep checking it is only getting better. Sounds like you are doing a fair amoun tof indexing, that is great. I know a lot of people will be greatful for your language talents in that area. Good luck in your pursuits.