Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Been Going On Lately

I've been doing a lot more Hungarian research lately, in several new towns.  And i've been doing some new nobility research in Zemplén megye as well.  I'm finding that our great-great-grandmother Eszter (Tóth) Gombash's family is much more complex and diverse than I originally thought.

Only a week or two ago, I found the death record for her 2nd great-grandmother, Zsuzsánna (Fekete) Szük.  She died in 1791 at the young age of 38.  What I found in her death record was what I had been hoping for, the mention of 'nemes'.. which of course means 'noble' in Hungarian.  There was another noble Fekete family in the same village, and I have a feeling it might be her nephew's family.  I'm going to have to track this noble Fekete family down.  Just a fun fact; 'Fekete' means 'Black' when translated into English.

As of right now for Eszter (Tóth) Gombash, I have her descending from 6 distinct noble families: Tóth (in 1580), Bódogh (in 1611), Porkoláb (in 1635), Szük (in 1690, possibly previously in 1638), Fekete (unknown date) and Miskolczy (unknown date).

The Miskolczy family comes through Erzsébet Miskolczy.  She was  Eszter (Tóth) Gombash's 3rd great-grandmother.  Erzsébet was born about 1710 and married to András Szük.. they lived in Taktaszada.  There was a very well-to-do land owning Miskolczy family in the neighboring town Mád.  A Péter Miskolczy held possessions in Mád from at least 1670 to 1689.  I believe him to be Erzsébet's grandfather.  This Miskolczy family that resided in Mád was the korponai Miskolczy family, or otherwise known as Miskolczy de Korpona.  This family was a branch of the pávai Miskolczy family (Miskolczy de Páva).  This was a Transylvanian family.  Their coat of arms was recorded in Count Teleki's family archives in Marosvásárhely, Transylvania.  I have ordered the receords for this coat of arms; they should be arriving at my local FHC any day now.  Hopefully there will be some kind of nobility information along with the coat of arms.

I'll have more to write in the next few days.

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