Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Friday - 19 Feb 2010

This Friday, I want to highlight a new and promising blog. It's called Growing Up In An Italian Family by my friend Nuccia. In her blog she'll talk about growing up in a typical Italian family and compare it to how it's influenced her life today.. including some of her genealogy along the way! She so far has written six entries in the past week and although I don't have Italian ancestry, she has definitely roused my interest. She has already written about her parents, the bedrock of her family, and also included a conversation with her parents from a few years ago.. which is hilarious to say the least. She definitely has me aching for an Italian grandmother, just to be a part of the Italian wit and entertainment myself!

I'm looking forward to reading more and more, Nuccia!

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  1. Thanks for the nice words Nick! I'll try not to disappoint you with my stories - shall I have Mom herself call you personally so you can talk to her? :)