Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Tiszadada WWII Memorial

This and next week (and possibly the week after that), I thought I would do something different for Tombstone Tuesday. Today's post is the World War II memorial in Tiszadada, Hungary. It lists the names of all the fallen soldiers, or "heroes" as the memorial states. It's very sad to see 81 dead men just one from small village in Hungary alone.. very sad. Even more so seeing the name of a relative of mine, Miklós Gombás, which ironically means Nick Gombash.

At the top of the memorial, it states: "A Második Világhaború Névsora Hősihalottainak" which translates literally to 'The WWII list of Heroic Dead'. Rest in peace, men. You definitely will never be forgotten.

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