Monday, February 01, 2010

Hungarian Genealogy

I've been considering the idea of a new website lately. It would be devoted strictly to Hungarian genealogy, and it's goal would be to help others find their Hungarian ancestors.

I'll be creating a surname database where others could register their surnames and localities, in hopes of connecting with others. With the help of a friend, I'll also be creating a forum where researchers can discuss whichever genealogy or research topic they wish.

Now the main objective of the new website will be the sharing and exchanging of records and documents. Any kind of records related to genealogy would be welcome and encouraged. I personally have already created several useful databases that i'll include in this new website. The most important of these databases, a major project that I have undertaken, is the Hungarian Marriage Project. My plan is indexing the marriage records from pre-WWI and including them in a database. I'm hoping to eventually have help down the line, as well. I already have records from four parishes, soon to be five and with an estimated total near 5,300 marriages.

I have't made a final decision on a name for the website yet, but I have begun designing it already. Let's hope it's ready with-in a week! Watch for my next blog for the update on the website name and address.


  1. Good luck! An ambitious project, to be sure, but I'm doing the same thing for Latvian records :) I hope to get a forum going soon as well, but right now the surname and record databases are taking priority. Is there a Hungarian Genealogy Society that you could mention the project to to find people to help? There is no Latvian Genealogy Society, so I've had to start it myself :)


  2. Thanks, Antra! Good luck with your projects too. I'm not sure about any Hungarian Genealogy Societies, I've never really looked into that. I've always been pretty sure on what and where to research. I should look into it.

  3. Great idea, Nick. Best wishes with the project!
    Enjoyed you interview at Welcome Aboard, again!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill ;-)
    Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

  4. Excellent idea. I have read some parish records from my granfathers home town and I know it is a lot of work but truly a labor of love. Good Luck! I am definiately interested. Theresa

  5. Thanks, Bill and Theresa! I'll let you know when the new website is up and running! :)