Thursday, February 04, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newly-Found Noble Family!

On Tuesday night, I discovered a new noble branch for my family tree. This branch comes through the Gombás family.. not the Tóth's from Tiszadob. They were the Szabó family, who also had an alias: Soltész or Solticz. They were a family from Tiszalök in Szabolcs megye. In the 1725-1726 nobility investigation, I find a "Szabó aliter Solvicz Stephan" in Tiszalök. Solvicz is obviously a misspelling. He stated his family received their nobility on 22 Oct 1714 in Pozsony by King Károly III, and that it was recorded on 06 Jul 1715 in Eszlár, Szabolcs megye.

The family is listed in Béla Kempelen's work "Magyar nemes családok": Szabó (másképen Solticz) cimereslevelet 1714. okt. 22. siebm. 611.

I then found in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch on page 611, a coat of arms that was listed for a György and Krisztián Szabó in 1714.

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