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Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1785-1810 - RODGERS

Greene County, Tennessee Deed Abstracts, 1785-1810, Volumes 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8
By: Murray, Joyce Martin
Published: Dallas, TX, J. M. Murray, c.1997

Book 1, page 4
Indenture, 01 Apr 1806
James Rodgers and John Rodgers, both of Greene Co, TN, $300 (silver) paid, tract on Lick creek, 200 acres, half of 400 acres as appears by deeds granted to Asabel Rawlings in 1790, and conveyed to James Rodgers in 1792, said tract including Rodgers improvements.
Witnesses: Samuel Caldwell, William Patterson, John Olinger
Registered: 04 Nov 1806

Book 1, page 47
Indenture, 15 Feb 1797
Andrew English, Greene Co, TN, one part, and Jonathan Vanoy, said state, other part, 50 pounds paid, 200 acres on Lick creek joining Chimney Top mountain and held in original Grant No. 508.
Witnesses: William Dinwiddy, James Rodgers

Book 1, page 83
Indenture, 05 Mar 1806
James Rodgers and Samuel Caldwell, both of Greene Co, TN, $300 paid, 100 acre tract on Lick creek and being half of 200 acres as by deed granted to Asabel Rawlings in 1790, and conveyed to Rogers in 1792. Tract includes camp of Richard Pruit.
Witnesses: Hugh Williams, John Olinger, John McRodgers
Registered: 04 Jun 1807

Book 1, page 107
Indenture, 21 Nov 1804
Henry Dryman and John Olinger, Shenandoah Co, VA, 300 acre tract on Lick creek at the mouth of Long fork of said creek, adjoining James Rogers, Patrick Morrisson.
Witnessess: Cornelius Newman, Simon Pope, Daniel Olinger, James Newberry
Registered: 14 Sep 1806

Book 1, page 130
Indenture, 26 Sep 1799
James Campbell, the eldest son of Robert Campbell, deceased, and Ann Campbell, his widow, of Washington Co, NC, convey to Richard Hayworth, of Hawkins Co, NC, 20 pounds paid, tract on West side of Little Sinking creek, adjoining land of James Rogers and George Gilespie, 229 acres conveyed.
Witnesses: James Rogers, Peter Dillon

Book 1, page 140
Indenture, 22 Oct 180?
Jacob Clearwaters and Alexander Armstrong, 50 pounds paid, 50 acre tract beginning at Knobbs on said Armstrong line.
Witnesses: James Dinwiddie, Jr., Samuel Rodgers
Registered 22 Dec 1807

Book 1, page 187
Indenture, 01 Mar 1808
Abraham Smith, Washington Co, TN, one part, and James Cowan, Greene Co, TN, other part, $700 paid, 325 acre tract as conveyed by Thomas West to said Smith, and adjoining Rogers and Owens.
Witnesses: Alw. Stephenson, John Rodgers, William C. Edmondson.
Registered: 08 Jun 1808

Book 1, page 192
Indenture, 15 Feb 1796
David McNabb, Washington Co, one part, and Abraham Smith, planter, said county, by Power of Attorny from George Taylor, other part, 50 pound paid, 80 acre tract granted to said Taylor on 11 Jul 1794, Warrant No. 2539, beginning on line of James Rodgers.
Witnesses: Joseph Tucker, Jurat, John Bowers
Registered: May 1796 session of Greene County Court

Book 1, page 195
Indenture, 13 Jan 1796
James Roberts and Thomas McMackin, Greene Co West Territory South of Ohio, 32 pounds Virginia currency paid, tract in Washington and Greene Counties West Territory South of Ohio, and on Mill Creek and Big Limestone, and adjoining said Robrts and John Rodgers and said McMackin.
Witnessess: Robert Henry and David Russell

Book 1, page 199
Indenture, 06 Nov 1792
Asabel Rawlings and James Rogers, 60 pounds paid, tract on Lick creek joining Benjamin Presents camp and being 200 acres; also tract of 200 acres on said creek joining Rawlings entry which includes Pruit's camp.
Witnesses: John Woolsey, Thomas Robinsin

Book 1, page 217
Indenture, 28 Oct 1806
John Olinger and David Logan, both of Greene Co, TN, $165.16 paid, 50 acres on Lick Creek adjoining lands of James Rogers, part of said Olinger's track, conveyed to him from Henry Dryman.
Witnesses: Cornelius Newman, Thomas Perry
Registered: 26 Jul 1808

Book 1, page 231
Indenture, 27 Apr 1793
Asabel Rawlings, Greene Co, and Samuel Hamilton, Washington Co, 25 pounds paid, tract joining James Hays, 200 acres.
Witnesses: Thomas Rogers, James Hays

Book 1, page 245
Indenture, 08 Sep 1798
James Rodgers, of Greene Co, TN, one part, and Mary Rodgers, other part, 300 silver dollars paid, tract of 100 acres on Lick creek, being the half of 200 acres as by deed granted to Asabel Rawlings in 1798, conveyed to James Rodgers in 1792, said tract including Benjamin Prewit Camp.
Witnesses: James Patterson, John Woolsey
Registered: 23 Apr 1800

Book 1, page 270
Indenture, 01 Apr 1806
Samuel Caldwell and James Rodgers, 100 silver dollars paid, tract on Lick Creek, being 50 acres including part of said Rodgers improvement.
Witnesses: William Patterson, John Olinger, David Logan

Book 1, page 274
Indenture, 30 May 1798
Benjamin Gist, Knox Co, TN, one part, and John Wilson, Greene Co, TN, other part, 20 pounds paid, 44 acre tract in Greene county, part said Benjamin Gist's plantation that he formerly lived on, beginning on South side of a ridge corner to Thomas Russell land.
Witnesses: John Temple, James Stinson, James Rodgers

Book 1, page 292
Indenture, 09 Sep 1805
Samuel Rodgers and Shobal Ellis, both of Greene Co, TN, $1,000 paid, part of tract willed to said Rodgers by his father, being on Little Sinking creek, being 250 acres.
Witnesses: Joseph Allen, John Rodgers

Book 1, page 293
Indenture, 31 Oct 1804
Joseph Rodgers, Knox Co, TN, and Shobal Ellis, Greene Co, TN, $333 1/3 paid, tract on North side of McCartney's mountain, beginning at line with Campbell.
Witnesses: Samuel Rodgers, John Rodgers.
Registered: 12 Dec 1808

Book 1, page 322
Indenture, 21 Jan 1800
John Smith and Walter Headerick, both of Greene Co, TN, 40 pounds paid, tract on Lick creek between Richard Mullinex's old plantation now owned by William Crawford, and Chimney Top mountain. Original Grant No. 1388 dated 02 Dec 1796, and being 100 acres.
Witnesses: William Rogers, Samuel Caldwell

Book 1, page 352
Indenture, 23 Mar 1799
James Rodgers, Washington Co, TN, one part, and Benjamin McNutt, Greene Co, TN, other part, $100 paid, Lot 67 in Town of Greeneville.
Witnesses: Daniel McClellen, Andrew Luckey

Book 1, page 364
Indenture 29 Mar 1793
Thomas West, Greene Co, and Territory of US south of river Ohio, one part, and Abraham Smith, Washington Co, said territory, 30 pounds paid, tract in said territory on Little Sinking creek, 30 acres.
Witnesses: Samuel Frazier, Jurat, Isiah Roe
Registered: 19 Apr 1799

Book 1, page 515
Indenture, 07 Jul 1795
William Morrison, Attorney of Patrick Morrison, one part, of Mero District, Territory of US south of River Ohio, and Alexander Newberry, Greene Co, formerly Washington County of said Territory, on Lick creek above mouth of Cedar creek, 107 pounds on track being 200 acres.
Witnesses: James Rogers, John Woolsey, James Patterson
Recorded: 11 May 1802


  1. Small world - I've got tons of Greene Co., TN ancestors, too! I have copies of "Historic Greene County, Tennessee and Its People: 1783-1992" and "Greene County, Tennessee Cemeteries," if you need any look-ups.

  2. Interesting. I have an ancester born about 1800 named James Rogers Mitchell. Do you have any information on James Rogers's decendants?
    Pam Kaleva

  3. Elizabeth, it's a small world indeed: First, I have seen you and replied to your posts on the California Genealogists blog/DAR. Now, I see that you mention that you, as do I, have tons of Greene County, Tennessee ancestors, too!