Sunday, May 09, 2010

My First Hungarian Document

The first Hungarian document I ever found was the marriage of my paternal great-great-grandparents, Sándor Gombás and Eszter Tóth. I found this record in February or March of 2003, and it's what began all my research into my Hungarian ancestors. They were married on 13 Mar 1895 in Tiszadob, Szabolcs megye, Hungary. From this union they would have eleven children, eight of which surviving to become adults.

In the marriage record it gives their town of birth/residence as well as their birth dates in the "notes" column to the right. Sándor Gombás was born 02 Feb 1872 in Büdszentmihály and Eszter Tóth was born 22 Sep 1874 in Tiszadob. The witnesses to the marriage were an Mihályi Enyi from Büdszentmihály and a Sándor Porkoláb of Tiszadob, a brother-in-law to Eszter's sister Zsuzsánna. Zsuzsánna was married for a short time (until they divorced) to László Porkoláb, who was the brother to Sándor.

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