Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My Wish List For FamilySearch

With the massive undertaking of the digitization project by FamilySearch, researchers have been able to conduct more and more research at home with less need for the "big-box" genealogy websites, such as Ancestry.com. It was only back in March of last year that FamilySearch really began adding substantial amounts of new databases to their new website.. and a lot of them having indexes, as well.

FamilySearch has been adding new databases almost daily, and I'm constantly checking back (almost daily!) to see what new databases they have uploaded. I thought it would be fun to create a post containing my wish list of what records I would like to appear on FamilySearch. I know in due time that (most of) these records will appear online, whether it be days, months or even years from now.. but it's still fun to talk and think about.

Doing this wish list Genie style (you only get three wishes!), here is my wish list of records I'm hoping for on FamilySearch!

*1. Hungarian Church records
FamilySearch has done an amazing job with uploading two seperate databases for Slovakian Church records (areas that had previous belonged to Hungary, prior to the Treaty of Trianon). I was told by FamilySearch that they eventually plan on combining these two databases after they fix a few bugs. Although I haven't been able to find anything for my direct line in these records, I have actually found information pertaining to distant cousins.

*2. Polish Church records
Looking at my family tree, I'm mostly Polish. My father being 3/4 Polish! I have high hopes for this database, very very high hopes. They're high hopes, because nearly half of the areas that my Polish ancestors came from, do not have church records preserved on microfilm. I doubt these records will be preserved on microfilm or digitized and put online at FamilySearch.. but I can hope! The priests at these towns are very notorious for being extremely uncooperative with researchers. Even researchers who come in person.

*3. Land Deeds
It would be fantastic for the land deeds we all need for research, to become available online in one location. These records are what we use to track down where our family lived and moved to. They're essential to our research!

What kind of databases or specific records are on your Wish List for FamilySearch? And remember.. only three! Make sure to leave a comment on this post with a link to yours, I'd love to see what your Wish List contains!


  1. I hear your cry. Echoing it myself.

  2. Ukrainian records PLEASE! Specifically Transcarpathian. I'm with you on the land records. Third - Hungarian military records - no - the 1869 Census.

  3. Nick,

    Have you tried Geneteka for Polish records! You'd be surprised how many are online - see my post here: