Sunday, October 07, 2012

Surname Saturday #21: Chatham/Cheatham

I've been interested in this line for a long time now, primarily because of all the unique names within the family. I haven't had much luck on researching this family, but with such unusual middle names I'm to believe that they had to have been family surnames somewhere down the line. Here is what I know on this line:

Nancy Abigail "Nannie" Chatham
b. 17 Aug 1835, Perry County, Alabama
d. 07 Mar 1921, Carroll County, Mississippi
m. Allen Rodgers; 08 Aug 1860, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Evie Evelyn Rodgers, b. 06 Jul 1863, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Ada Elizabeth Rodgers, b. 25 May 1865, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Ida L. Rodgers, b. 01 May 1870, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Alma Gertrude Rodgers, b. 15 Jan 1872, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Allen Parks Rodgers, 29 Jun 1873, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Cicero Stephen Rodgers, b. Jan 1875, Carroll County, Mississippi

2. William Parks Chatham
b. abt 1797, possibly Orange County, North Carolina
d. May 1877, Carroll County, Mississippi
m. Elizabeth Wilson; 19 Nov 1822, Perry County, Alabama
*Narcissa Eliza Chatham, b. Aug 1823, Perry County, Alabama
*George P. Chatham, b. 18 Sep 1824, Perry County, Alabama
*James A. Chatham, b. 1827, Perry County, Alabama
*Greene W. Chatham, b. 1828, Perry County, Alabama
*John W. Chatham, b. 02 Dec 1829, Perry County, Alabama
*Sarah Chatham, b. 1830, Perry County, Alabama
*Mary Eleanor Chatham, b. 12 Sep 1831, Perry County, Alabama
*Margaret Chatham, b. 1833, Perry County, Alabama
*Nancy Abigail "Nannie" Chatham, (above)
*William Cicero Chatham, b. 1838, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
*Robert Barnes Chatham, b. 04 Oct 1839, Pontotoc County, Mississippi
*Dogan Chatham, b. 1841, Pontotoc County, Mississippi

*George H. Chatham/Cheatham (source of middle initial H.??)
b. abt 1763?, Georgia? (I'm not sure of the source of this information)
d. 1801, North Carolina or Hancock County, Georgia (again, I'm not sure of the source of this information)
m; Eleanor "Nelly"; 1790, Virginia (again, I'm not sure of the source of this information)
*Walker Chatham, b. 02 Apr 1792, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia
           m1. Sally Kendrick; 26 May 1818, Putnam County, Georgia
           m2. Abigail Turner; 11 Sep 1823, Perry County, Alabama
*George Kinchen Chatham, b. 28 Sep 1795, Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia
           m. Cenia Gholson; 15 Jul 1815, Putnam County, Georgia
*William Parks Chatham, (above)
*Polly Chatham
           m. Hezekiah Davis, 09 Jun 1818, Putnam County, Georgia

According to an acquaintance I have (a possible cousin?), George H. Cheatham may have had a brother named William Cheatham, who in turn had a son named Thomas R. Cheatham, who was "adopted 11 days after his birth by Veazey Ferrill". Apparently there exists a will that mentions George and William, but I have yet to receive any copies or find any that match it for myself.


  1. Interesting - I follow your blog because of your experience in Hungarian research and my husband has Hungarian ancestry. However, this post interests me because I am descended from a Cheatham family in colonial Virginia (Thomas-William-William-Elizabeth, who marr. Pleasant Bowman). Unfortunately, I have not done much research on my colonial Virginia ancestors.

  2. We're probably related then, Elizabeth! Oddly enough, I have connections to two Chatham/Cheatham families; the one mentioned in this blog post, and then also the sister of the above Allen Rodgers. His sister, Susannah Rodgers, was married to an Elijah Jackson Chatham. Here is his known line: Him > Stephen Chatham & Clarissa Higginbotham > Epps Chatham & Sarah Chaffin > Joel Chatham & Elizabeth Gates > Benjamin Chatham & Grace Williams > Thomas Cheatham & Margaret Houlme/Holme?

    I'm fairly positive that I also descend from Thomas and Margaret Cheatham, but I just can't break that wall with my George H. Cheatham!

    Have you had your autosomal DNA done at all? If so, we should compare.