Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Hungarian Resources

There's a great Hungarian resource I need to share with everyone. János Bogárdi has created some amazing gazetteers for the Austria-Hungary empire. He has one for 1877 and now he's created one for the early 1900's. Here are the links:

The 1877 gazetteer is a very important resource to me, I use it for all my Hungarian research. János has it organized by counties (megye), and then sorted alphabetically by district and then place name. He then gives the church parishes in which the town residents would've belonged. And the best part.. he links directly to the Family History Library Catalog, if microfilms are available for the parish.

The 1900 gazetteer is new, but looks promising as well. With this project coming from János, it'll no doubt end up just as great as the 1877 gazetteer.

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