Friday, January 15, 2010

Record Search Findings: A Few Bódogh Obituaries

I was browsing through Record Search's database "Hungarian Funeral Notices", and I came upon these obituaries for our cousin Dr. Albert Bódogh and his wife Malvina Szepessy de Négyes.

Albert was born on 10 May 1829 in Nemesbikk, Borsod megye to Péter Bódogh and Erzsébet Szegö. He at some time was married to Malvina Szepessy de Négyes, she was the widow of Imre Darvas de Nagy-Réth. Albert was a docter of medicine in Hungary. The above obituary states "Borsodi orvos-gyógyszerész egylet", which means he was member of the Borsod Doctors of Medicine Club. He died on 12 Apr 1886 in Miskolc, Borsod megye, Hungary. His funeral services were held on 14 Apr 1886 in Miskolc.

In the beginning of this obituary, it states the names of this two children: Albert and Erzsike (Erzsébet).

This obituary is for Albert's wife, Malvina Szepessy de Négyes. She was born about 1838 in Hungary, to László Szepessy de Négyes and Terézia Csoma de Ragyolc. She died on 25 Jan 1880 in Budapest, Hungary and the services were held on 26 Jan 1880. Her obituary includes the following family:
Husband: Albert Bódogh
Children: Albert Bódogh and Erzsébet Bódogh
Children from previous marriage: Malvina Darvas de Nagy-Réth, wife of József Lichtenstein de Homrogd, Antal Darvas de Nagy-Réth, and Róza Darvas de Nagy-Réth, wife of Miklós Kóczán de Tuzberk

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