Friday, January 15, 2010

Record Search Findings: A 1919 Budapest Marriage

A few months ago, I found a marriage for cousin of mine in Budapest. His name is Bénjámin Porkoláb, and he was born in Tiszadob on 30 Jul 1894 to Bénjámin Porkoláb and Juliánna Pethe (de Kis-Szántó). I am related to Bénjámin (the son) through at least four different lines. They are the Porkoláb family (3rd cousin, 4 times removed), Bódogh family (5th cousin, 3 times removed), Varga family (5th cousin, 4 times removed) and the Pethe de Kis-Szántó family (connection unknown as of yet). His mother, Juliánna, comes from the neighboring town of Büdszentmihály, and was born about 1857. I need to research her baptism and connect her into my Pethe de Kis-Szántó family.

Bénjámin was married to a woman named Ilona Petrovics, on 07 May 1919 in Budapest District I. She was born 12 Aug 1900 in Csobánka, Pest megye (county), to Zsigmond Petrovics and Ilona Streit. Bénjámin was living at Krisztina körét 112 and Ilona was living at Koronaőr utca 19. The witnesses to the marriage were János Paulovics, living at Koronaőr utca 19, and Henrik Qertel, living at Márvány utca 38.


  1. Don't ya wish all record books were as neat and legible as this one? *sigh*