Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiszadada Marriage Index Officially Complete!

The Tiszadada, Hungary marriage index is finally complete! I began typing the index on November 5, 2009 and I completed it last night, January 9, 2010. Two months isn't bad! Not to mention A LOT of procrastination.

Here's a little information on the Tiszadada marriage records. The Tiszadada Reformed church began recording baptisms in 1761, marriages in 1763 and deaths in 1767. They're microfilmed up until 1895. Over the 132 years of marriages, 1,873 marriages occured and were recorded. The earlier records began as very basic. The groom and bride were named and mentioned the town of origin, if not from Tiszadada. Then either the bride's father or deceased husband (if she were a widow) were listed.

The later on you get in the marriages, the more information was recorded. Ages soon became recorded in the late 1770's. Some random fathers to the grooms appeared here and there from 1775 to 1830, but didn't officially start being recorded until 1853. The bride's father was listed since the beginning of the records. The mother's name for the bride and groom doesn't start appearing until 1877. From then on, everything became more and more consistent. Beginning in around 1882, birth dates were recorded here and there with the ages. It didn't become consistent until about 1886-1887.

Now I did something differently with these marriage records than I did with Tiszadob and Taktaszada. The first time with Tiszadob and Taktaszada, I typed up the records into a table in a Word document. This time, in Tiszadada, I created a template (which I will use from now on) and typed the index in an Excel spreadsheet. Now, I've never used Excel before and I don't know how to incorporate it into my webpage, so I'll need to do some reading. Unless someone reading this has some prior experience?! :)

For now, I'll just give a direct link to the Excel data file. It may open up directly in your browser, or it may download and open up in Excel on your desktop. I'm not sure. But the file isn't large.. it's just text and no images. I'd like to know how everyone feels about the template I used to index the records. Give me some feedback!


  1. Nick,

    How were you able to access these records? Did you use a Family History center, or is there a way to order them?

    BTW - Great blog! I have hungarian ancestors and the info on this site has been very interesting and useful.

  2. Hi John,

    I accessed the records from microfilm through my local FHC. You can order them through there.

    Thanks for the compliments! Where did your Hungarian ancestors come from? Were they noble by any chance? E-mail me!


  3. Finding Our Ancestors has given you the Happy 101 Award.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I can't seem to open the file... do you have it in an .xls format instead of .xlsx? I'm Latvian, not Hungarian, but I'm in the procss of starting to index Latvian records, so I'm always interested to see how other people do it.

    And oh, hi! I don't think I've said hi yet. I read all the Eastern European genealogy blogs I can, since there aren't that many of us out there :) Can I add a link to your blog in my blogroll?


  5. Hi Antra,

    Here is the link for the .xls file. I was worried some people may not be able to open the .xlsx file.

    Feel free to use template/layout if you'd like, for your Latvian records.


  6. Oh, and feel free to link to my blog all you want. And thank you for reading my blog!

  7. I'm afraid I don't see where that link is... I tried just modifying the original .xlsx download link to be an .xls one, and that downloaded something, but even though it says it is an Excel file, it keep using Word to open it and making thousands of pages of gibberish :( Maybe my computer is just being strange at the moment, I don't know...

  8. Whoops, I'm sorry about that. I'm not sure why it won't open for you. My cousin and a genealogy friend were able to open it fine today. They opened the .xlsx file. What version of Excel are you using? Microsoft should have conversion packets for the new format to the old format.

    I actually just checked the .xls file and it is all gibberish, and I don't know why.. so I'm deleting that from my server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. I use OpenOffice, not Microsoft, but it usually opens/saves/converts Microsoft-made documents without trouble. And from what I've read, the .xlsx format is supposed to actually be native to OpenOffice, so I'm not sure what the problem is :(