Friday, June 05, 2009

New Website!!!

I've finally moved my website from rootsweb onto a server hosted by my friend Cathy Napolitan, and i'm able to use the Gombash domain name. (THANK YOU, CATHY!!) From now on, please use:

I've been thinking and i've done quite a bit in the past few months already. I've created indexes to several more of the Naturalization records for Langlade County (which you can find here:

I've also created two indexes related to Hungarian nobility research. They are the Hungarian Nobility Investigations 1725-1726 for Szabolcs megye (county) and Zemplén megye (county). It's a listing of all the nobles living in specific towns through-out then entire counties. You can find them here:

I've also been doing research in the Catholic parish records for Kravare in Bohemia. RecordSearch recently updated the database and the records for this town are now available. Kravare.. which was called Graber before all the World Wars happened, was the birthplace of 2nd-great-grandmother Anna Weishaupt. I've come across some pretty interesting and different surnames I've never seen before: Grundmann, Heller, Kasper, Matzken, Paschant, Reichenbach, Sandrich, Schicketantz, Schneller, Seeman, Tietze/Tieze, Vogel, Weishaupt, Wenzel. If you're researching any of these names from the Bohemia area, PLEASE contact me! They include the towns Graber, Bleiswedel, Johnsdorf, Schönau, Schönborn and Sterndorf. They are in the county of Leitmeritz in Northern Bohemia, roughly 40 miles North of Prague.