Sunday, September 12, 2010

János Cserpák, Part 2

Three months ago, I found a headstone for a fellow Hungarian. His name was János Cserpák, and I explained my find in this entry here. I've been able to find more information on this young man, and his family. I hope that one of his very distant nieces or nephews finds these blog entries one day and finds them useful. :)

As I already know from János's headstone and immigration manifest, he was born on 22 Jul 1903 in Vencsellő. I do know that he was the son of Jakab and Mária Cserpák. Well, thankfully for FamilySearch and their wonderful uploading of digitized records, I was able to find his birth record! FamilySearch has a database for Hungarian civil registration records for various counties. I love these records! I just wish they had them available for my towns of Tiszadob and Büdszentmihály/Tiszavasvári. But anyway, back to my story!

I was able to find János's birth record and here is the wonderful information I was able to find out:

János was born on 22 Jul 1903 at 284 Kápolna street in Vencsellő, to parents Jakab Cserpák and Mária Türk. His parents are both listed as being born and residing in Vencsellő, and both of the Roman Catholic faith. His father's occupation is listed as "igás kocsis" which translates out to be draft-carter or draft-teamster. Not sure what kind of occupation is. Any ideas? It lists his father is 24 years old and his mother is 22 years old.

Well noting that both parents, Jakab and Mária, were born in Vencsellő, I figured their marriage record would be here too. And I was right!

They were married on 12 Jan 1902 in Vencsellő, and this document lists their parents names, birth dates and places.

Jakab Cserpák was born on 22 Dec 1878 in Vencsellő. His parents are the late János Cserpák, a day laborer and Mária Bereznai, both were residents of Vencsellő. Mária Türk was born on 28 Jan 1882 in Vencsellő. Her parents are the late Ignácz Türk, a day laborer as well, and Anna Héri, both were also residents of Vencsellő.

Noticing the Héri surname, I can make the assumption that the "Jacob Iheri" living with the Jakab and Mária Cserpák family in Chicago, in the 1920 census.. is a relative to Mária somehow.

Interestingly enough, I have a friend who's trying to research his surname of Bereznai, the same surname as Jakab Cserpák's mother. I may have found a new lead for him!