Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Two Degrees of Separation

I know this is two days late, but I couldn't resist this one up! It sounded so fun!! Here were the rules:

1)  Using your ancestral lines, how far back in time can you go with two degrees of separation?  That means "you knew an ancestor, who knew another ancestor."  When was that second ancestor born?

2)  Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, in a status line on Facebook or a stream post on Google Plus.

And here are several of mine!

1)  My Gombash-Adas-Domagalski Line (1886): Me (born 1986) - I met my grandfather, John Gombash Sr., a small handful of times until his death in 2005. My grandfather (1935-2005) was the son of Alex Gombash and Catherine Grządziel). Since his wife/my grandmother, Mary Louise Adas, passed before I was born.. he would have known her paternal grandmother, Josephine Domagalski (1886-1958). She died one year after my grandparents were married.

2)  My Stuempges-Weishaupt Line (1868): Me (born 1986) - I met my maternal grandmother, Elaine Stuempges Rodgers (1926-1987), as a baby. She was the daughter of Walter John Stuempges and Sylvia Martin. My grandmother knew her paternal grandmother, Anna Weishaupt. She was a native of Graber, Leitmeritz, Boehmia and was born in 1868 to Joseph Weishaupt and Maria Anna Kasper.

3)  My Martin-Märten Line (1846): Me (born 1986) - I was fortunate enough to have met my direct maternal line great-granmother sevearl times. She was Sylvia Martin Flemming (1909-2008) and the daughter of Herman Wilhelm Gustav "Gust" Martin and Maria Summ. She knew her paternal grandfather, Carl Gustav Märten, who was born 1846 in Töpperkuthen, a community belonging to Berneuchen in Kreis Landsberg, Brandenburg, Germany. He died in Polar, Wisconsin in 1934.