Friday, February 05, 2010

Hungary Exchange

My new website is finally up! It's called Hungary Exchange. It has a bunch of databases already available, along with my project the Hungarian Marriage Project that I'm working on. I also have a large list of links, comprised primarily of county and national archives website but has other useful sites as well. Please visit the forum and write about your family, and submit your surnames to me so I can add them to the Surname Database.

Let's knock down all those brick-walls and find family!

Hungary Exchange Forum

With my new website soon on it's way (tonight or tomorrow!), I've created a Hungarian genealogy forum. My hopes are that people will soon start flocking to the forum and post about their family and genealogy. Post as little or as much as you like.. ask questions, answer questions! Converse with others about your families, your research and share your links! Go start connecting with family!

Let's make this a top Hungarian genealogy resource!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Newly-Found Noble Family!

On Tuesday night, I discovered a new noble branch for my family tree. This branch comes through the Gombás family.. not the Tóth's from Tiszadob. They were the Szabó family, who also had an alias: Soltész or Solticz. They were a family from Tiszalök in Szabolcs megye. In the 1725-1726 nobility investigation, I find a "Szabó aliter Solvicz Stephan" in Tiszalök. Solvicz is obviously a misspelling. He stated his family received their nobility on 22 Oct 1714 in Pozsony by King Károly III, and that it was recorded on 06 Jul 1715 in Eszlár, Szabolcs megye.

The family is listed in Béla Kempelen's work "Magyar nemes családok": Szabó (másképen Solticz) cimereslevelet 1714. okt. 22. siebm. 611.

I then found in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch on page 611, a coat of arms that was listed for a György and Krisztián Szabó in 1714.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Geneabloggers: May I Introduce To You . . . Nick Gombash

I want to send a thank you to Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers and Gini Webb of Ginisology!

They published a great interview about me.. go give it a read!

Hungarian Genealogy

I've been considering the idea of a new website lately. It would be devoted strictly to Hungarian genealogy, and it's goal would be to help others find their Hungarian ancestors.

I'll be creating a surname database where others could register their surnames and localities, in hopes of connecting with others. With the help of a friend, I'll also be creating a forum where researchers can discuss whichever genealogy or research topic they wish.

Now the main objective of the new website will be the sharing and exchanging of records and documents. Any kind of records related to genealogy would be welcome and encouraged. I personally have already created several useful databases that i'll include in this new website. The most important of these databases, a major project that I have undertaken, is the Hungarian Marriage Project. My plan is indexing the marriage records from pre-WWI and including them in a database. I'm hoping to eventually have help down the line, as well. I already have records from four parishes, soon to be five and with an estimated total near 5,300 marriages.

I have't made a final decision on a name for the website yet, but I have begun designing it already. Let's hope it's ready with-in a week! Watch for my next blog for the update on the website name and address.