Sunday, July 08, 2012

Surname Saturday #9: Tóth

This is one of my favorite families in my family tree; the first one being Bódogh (a future post!). Tóth is the surname of my direct-paternal line second-great-grandmother. Her name was Eszter Tóth, and I've been fascinated with her and her family tree ever since I started all my research over a decade ago. Here is her information:

1. Eszter Tóth (noble)
b. 22 Sep 1874, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. 04 Apr 1950, Lore City, Guernsey, Ohio
m. Sándor Gombás; 13 Mar 1895, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Children can be found on the Gombash post.

2. Károly Á. Tóth (noble)
b. 09 Dec 1835, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. aft 1895, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m. Mária Tóth (noble); 09 Jan 1856, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Károly Tóth, b. 22 Nov 1856, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Lajos Tóth, b. 17 Oct 1860, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*László Tóth, b. 01 Mar 1863, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Zsuzsánna Tóth, b. 04 Oct 1865, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Mária Tóth, b. 03 Oct 1871, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Eszter Tóth, (above)

3. László Tóth (noble), a judge
b. 09 Feb 1814, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. 23 Nov 1870, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m. Zsuzsánna Bódogh (noble); 15 Jan 1834, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Zsuzsánna Tóth, b. 11 Nov 1834, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Károly Á. Tóth, (above)
*Terézia Tóth, b. 29 Nov 1838, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary

4. Mihály Boros Tóth "junior" (noble), a vineyard grower/winemaker
b. abt 1781, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. 09 Jan 1846, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m1. Mária Tóth; 06 Feb 1805, Kesznyéten, Zemplén, Hungary
m2. Sára Gorzás; 29 Jun 1823, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*László Tóth, (above)
*Zsuzsánna Tóth, b. 04 Dec 1816, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Juliánna Tóth, b. 24 Jul 1820, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Károly Tóth, b. 03 May 1824, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Károly Boros Tóth, b. 04 Jun 1826, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Juliánna Tóth, b. 15 Jul 1829, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Juliánna Tóth, b. 13 Aug 1830, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Zsuzsánna Tóth, b. 18 Sep 1833, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*Sándor Boros Tóth, b. 04 Jan 1839, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary

5. Mihály Boros Tóth "senior" (noble), a vineyard grower/winemaker
b. abt 1752, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. 17 Apr 1818, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m. Erzsébet Handa; bef 1772, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
*István Tóth, b. abt 1772
*Mihály Boros Tóth, (above)

6. István Tóth (noble)
b. abt 1709, Hungary
d. 04 Jul 1786, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m. Erzsébet Csetneki
*Mihály Boros Tóth, (above)

7. Mihály Tóth (noble)
b. bef 1689, Hungary
d. aft 11 Jul 1755, Tiszadob, Szabolcs, Hungary
m. unknown
*István Tóth, (above)
*Mihály Tóth, b. abt 1716

Some information regarding their nobility:

*A document dated 05 July 1775 from the Szabolcs county nobility investigation papers, lists a nobleman named "Michaël Tóth" living in Tiszadob. It mentions that his family received nobility from King Rudolf I and that the nobility as well as a genealogy was recorded in Szolnok county. No date of when the nobility was received was given.

*In the publication, "Magyarország vármegyéi és városai", by Sámuel Borovszky, it states the following:
Tóth family, entry 4. Nobility received from King Rudolf. Recorded in Külsõ-Szolnok county. Tóth Mihály a resident of Tiszadob in 1725.

*In the publication, "Turul 1883-1950", by the Hungarian Heraldry and Genealogy Society, it states in the 1895-3 issue the following:
The brothers "Tóth Imre, Benedek, Jakab és Ambrus" received nobility from Rudolf in 1580. It was recorded in Lelesz, by Tóth István, son of Mihály and Tóth Mihály, son of István.

*In the publication, "Siebmacher's Wappenbuch", it gives a full detailed description (in German) of the coat of arms of the Tóth family. It also states that the family received nobility from King Rudolf, in Prague, on 26 Feb 1580. It was later recorded in 1583 in Eger, Heves county. It was issued to the brothers "Emerich, Benedikt, Jacob u. Ambrosius Tóth".