Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Second Marriage of Leon Leśniewski

I was recently told about a website which holds some digitized records from the Poznan area of Poland. The website is called "szukaj w archiwach" and you can find it here: Not everything is digitized yet, but I was fortunate enough to find some records pertaining to my family, the Gotowy's and Leśniewski's.

Although the area is Poland, the records were actually kept in German.. well, these were at least. And if you know me, you know I can read these documents like their English. :-)

Document Number: 41
Registration town and date: Kurnik, 16 Oct 1885

Groom: häusler Leon Lesniewski of the Catholic religion, was born 07 Apr 1825 in Kurnik and is a resident of Daszewice. He is the son of the late (vestorben) maurer (a mason/bricklayer) Melchior and Marianna Kaminska Lesniewski, residents of Kurnik.

Bride: widow (wittwe) Marianna Maczkowiak of the Catholic religion, was born 13 July 1845 in Daszewice and is a resident of Daszewice. She is the daughter of the late (vestorben) häusler Franz and Marianna Smigaj Czubarra, residents of Daszewice.

Witness: Carl Sieben, 59 years old and resident of Kurnik

Witness: Michael Gasinski, 59 years old and resident of Kurnik

Leon Leśneski
+ + + (assumed to be Marianna's signature)
Carl Sieban
Michal Gasinski

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Genea-Wish List

1)  Think of the genealogy related wishes you have - what education, database, or information would make your genealogy research dreams come true?  Be specific - as many wishes as you want to list!

2)  Tell us about some of your genea-wishes in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a status or comment on Facebook.

Here's mine:

1)  I wish (a VERY large wish) that all land deeds from all of the United States were digitized and put online. I'd have no problem browsing through the images, if there were digitized index books A-Z. I enjoy browsing through the images.

2)  I wish that all the Hungarian parish registers were digitized and available online. Again, no indexes needed.

3)  I wish that the records for my German ancestors from Brandenburg and Pommern were readily available.. even on microfilm.

4)  I wish that the records for my Polish ancestors from Barycz (Brzozów County) and Osobnica (Jasło County) were readily available.. even on microfilm.

5)  I wish I could find some kind of clue on my 3rd-great-grandmother, Martha A. Miller, the first wife and mother of the children to James A. J. Costilow.

6)  I wish I could break down the brick-wall for my 5th-great-grandfather, Hiram Howell. He was murdered in Tippah County, Mississippi in 1853. Unfortunately, there was a court house fire and not much exists from that time period that is of use.

7)  I wish I knew the maiden name of Hiram Howell's wife, Rachel.

8)  I wish I could find the baptism record for my 3rd-great-grandfather of Martin Domagalski.

9) I wish I could find the original patent of nobility for each of my noble families.

10)  Finally, I wish all Hungarian land records/deeds of any kind could be digitized and available online. Like above, no index needed as long as they're organized by towns. This is a BIG wish!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: Tippah County, Mississippi Deed for G. W. Vance

Back in April, I had made a visit to the Newberry library in Chicago, which is known for it's genealogical resources. To my delight, I found a book entitled "Land Deeds of Tippah County, Mississippi, 1836-1870", by Don Martini. I made a post about this in a previous entry, which you can find here. I was thrilled to be able to browse through this book and find the indexed information I needed for my Howell and Vance lines. My brick-wall ancestor, Hiram Howell, was murdered in Tippah County, Mississippi in 1853. His daughter Temperance Howell was married to George W. Vance, place and date unknown.

I was ecstatic today to see that FamilySearch had added a database called "Mississippi, Tippah County Records, 1836-1923". Instantly, I knew I'd be able to view the actual documents from the indexes I had previously obtained. Oh boy, was I excited! The first entry I located was a deed concerning my ancestor, George W. Vance. He apparently owed Jesse Embry $200. George W. Vance's stallion, the "Duke of Gloucester", was taken as collateral and given to Simon R. Spight to sell upon the date the money was due, if not paid in full. Quite interesting! I wonder what made this stallion worth $200 in 1845! Was this stallion a predecessor and ancestor to some modern race horses? Below you can find an extract of the record:

Deeds, 1844-1846, Volume F
Pages 97-98

Simon R. Spight, in trust from G. W. Vance
This indenture made the 24th day of February in the year of our lord one Thousand Eight hundred and fourty five by and between G. W. Vance of the county of Tippah and State of Mississippi of the first partiam, Simon R. Spight of the county and State aforesaid of the other part whereas the said G. W. Vance is indebted to one Jesse Embry in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars by two notes of hand are of which is for one hundred dollars due the 25th day of December 1845 and one also for one hundred dollars due the 25th day of December 1846 each note dated the 25th day of February 1845 and the same G. W. Vance being willing to give Jesse Embry a certain assurance that his money shall be paid at the expiration of the time specified in each note Therefore this indenture witnessth that the said G. W. Vance as well in consideration of securing the said Jesse Embry in the faithfull payment of the debt as also the sum of one dollar to him the said G. W. Vance in hand paid by the said Simon R. Spight the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargain sold transfered and assigned and set over and by these presents doth grant bargains sell assign transfer and set over to the said S. R. Spight his heirs and assigns _?_ _?_ Stallion known by the name of Duke of Gloucester to have and to hold the said horse unto the said S. R. Spight his heirs and assigns forever in trust however and to the intent and purpose that if the said two notes for the sum of one hundred dollars each are not well and truly paid of and discharged before the expiration of the respective times specificed 25th December 1845 and 25th December 1846 for one hundred dollars each by the said G. W. Vance or some other person for him then in that case the said S. R. Spight shall in the executing the trust hereby taken upon himself Advertise the said Horse for the span of twenty days by written advertisement at four public places in said county one of which shall be at the court house door of the county aforesaid that he will expose to the highest bidder the said Horse on a particular day for ready money and if the money aforesaid be not still paid on the day designated as aforesaid then the said S. R. Spight shall proceed to sell the above described Horse to the highest bidder for ready money and aforesaid sale to make a good and sufficient bill of sale in for said Horse conveying all the right and will that said G. W. Vance or his heirs may have in and to hoe same provided nevertheless that the said money should be paid before the day of sale herein mentioned these this indenture to be wholely void and of no effect either in law or equily in witness whereof the said G. W. Vance sets his hand an seal the date above written.

G. W. Vance (Seal)

CHarles G. Yancey
Richard Shelton
James H. Embry

Monday, April 18, 2011

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: Death Certificate Of Eszter Tóth Gombash

Today I'm highlight the death certificate of my great-great-grandmother, Eszter Tóth Gombash. She was born in the village of Tiszadob, in Szabolcs county, Hungary. Her parents were Károly Tóth and Mária Tóth. Yes, that was also Mária's last name, they were actually 4th cousins. She was married to my 2nd-great-grandfather, Sándor Gombás, in both Tiszadob and Büdszentmihály (the village Sándor was from), in 1895. They had a few children in Hungary and eventually immigrated to America, settling in Butler County, Pennsylvania, until Sándor's death in 1931.

Here is an extract of the record:

Reg. Dist. No.: 475
Primary Reg. Dist. No.: 4719
State File No.: 23475
Registrar's No.: 3
1a. Place of Death, County: Guernsey
1b. Place of Death, City or Village: Richland Twp.
1c. Place of Death, Length of Stay: 2 yrs
2a. Usual Residence, State: Pa
2b. Usual Residence, County: Butler
2c. Usual Residence, City or Village: Emleton P.A.
3. Name of Deceased: Esther Gombash
4. Date of Death: 4-4-50 (04 Apr 1950)
5. Sex: Female
6. Color or Race: White
7. Married, Never Married, Widowed, Divorced: Widow
8. Date of Birth: Sept 22, 1874
9. Age: 76
10a. Usual Occupation: Housewife
10b. Kind of Business or Industry: Own Home
11. Birthplace: Austria Hungary
12. Citizen of What Country: USA
13. Father's Name: Charles Toth
14. Mother's Name: Mary Toth
17. Informant's Signature: Mrs. Michael Mayors (Julia Gombash)
18. Cause of Death, I. Disease or Condition Directly Leading to Death: (a) Aortic valvulitis, several years
18. Cause of Death, I. Disease or Condition Directly Leading to Death: Due To (b) Syphilis probably
20. Autopsy? No
22. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 3/7, 1950, to 4/2, 1950, and that death occured at 4:30pm, from the causes and on the date stated above.
23a. Signature: William W. Bryant MD
23b. Address: Senecaville, Ohio
23c. 4/14/50
24a. Burial, Cremation, Removal: Burial
24b. Date: April 7, 50
24c. Name of Cemetery or Crematory: Old Anadale
24d. Location: Anadale, PA
Name of Embalmer: Charles R. Corwin, (Lic. No.) 3164A
Date Rec'd By Local Reg.: Apr 19, 1950
Registrar's Signature: James Stevens
25. Funeral Director's Signature: Wayne D. Womer, Clintonville, PA, (Lic. No.) 3926