Monday, June 18, 2012

The Family of László Szepessy & Terézia Csoma

The Szepessy de Négyes family was the first connection to "large" nobility I had in my family tree. I discovered this cousin line of mine back around 2004 and have been working on it since; filling in the blanks with data that I found here and there. I'm connected to this family through their daughter Malvina, whose second husband was my 4th cousin 5 times removed: Doctor Albert Bódogh of Miskolcz. Here is the information on this family:

László Szepessy de Négyes was born on 17 Jul 1797 in Ládháza, Borsod, Hungary, to László Szepessy de Négyes and Katalin Ragályi de Ragály és Kis-Csoltó. He was one of five children. László was married to Terézia Francziska Klára Csoma de Ragylocz, who was born on 19 May 1809 in Noszvaj, Borsod, Hungary, to Zsigmond Csoma de Ragylocz and Terézia Szilassy de Szilas és Pilis. She was one of four children. László passed away on 27 Jun 1853 in Berente, Borsod, Hungary and Terézia passed away on 04 Jan 1867 in Radván, Zólyom, Hungary. László and Terézia had the following children:

*1.) Terézia Antonia Paulina Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 29 Mar 1826, Átány, Heves, Hungary

*2.) Amália Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 11 Jan 1828, Átány, Heves, Hungary
  d. 15 Jun 1892, Tornallya, Gömör, Hungary
  m. Antal Hámos de Pelsőcz

*3.) Zsigmond Gyula Albert Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 17 Jun 1830, Átány, Heves, Hungary

*4.) Béla Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 24 Feb 1832, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary

*5.) Gyula Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 03 Apr 1834, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  m1. Polixena Patay de Báj
  m2. Jolán Szepessy de Négyes

*6.) Mária Zsuzsánna Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 24 Dec 1835, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary

*7.) Malvina Antonia Vilma Szepessy de Négyes (see below)
  b. 27 Mar 1838, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  d. 25 Jan 1880, Budapest, Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun, Hungary
  m1. Gusztáv Imre Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  m2. Albert Bódogh

*8.) László Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 22 Feb 1840, Berente, Borsod, Hungary

*9.) Etelka Jozsefa Vilma Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 10 Jun 1841, Berente, Borsod, Hungary

*10.) Katalin Etelka Szepessy de Négyes
  b. 27 Apr 1843, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  d. 22 May 1913, Sztárnya, Gömör, Hungary
  m. Károly Radvánszky de Radványi

Malvina Antonia Vilma Szepessy de Négyes (child #7 above) is my link into this family; her second husband being my cousin. She was married first to Gusztáv Imre Darvas de Nagy-Réth. He was born on 05 Jul 1822 in Onga, Abauj-Torna, Hungary, to Antal Darvas de Nagy-Réth and Erzsébet Karpé. He died on 16 Feb 1901 in Kassa, Abauj-Torna, Hungary. The marriage later ended in divorce and both were remarried. Malvina was remarried to Albert Bódogh, a doctor from Miskolcz. He was born on 10 May 1829 in Nemesbikk, Borsod, Hungary, to Péter Bódogh and Erzsébet Szeghö. He died on 12 Apr 1886 in Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary. The following are all of Malvina's children:

*1.) Malvina Terézia Erzsébet Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  b. 14 Dec 1855, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  m. József Lichtenstein de Homrogd

*2.) Antal László Gyula Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  b. 16 Jul 1858, Onga, Abauj-Torna, Hungary
  d. 01 May 1883

*3.) Róza Mária Katalin Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  b. 19 Sep 1859, Onga, Abauj-Torna, Hungary
  d. 23 Mar 1931, Gesztely, Zemplén, Hungary
  m. Miklós Kóczán de Tuzberk

*4). Imre László Antal Gábor Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  b. 23 Feb 1857, Onga, Abauj-Torna, Hungary

*5.) Tivadar Béla Darvas de Nagy-Réth
  b. 26 Oct 1861, Onga, Abauj-Torna, Hungary

*6.) Margit Bódogh (twin)
  b. 08 Feb 1872, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  d. 30 Dec 1876, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary

*7.) Albert Bódogh (twin)
  b. 08 Feb 1872, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary

*8.) Katalin Bódogh
  b. 19 may 1875, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary

*9.) Erzsébet Bódogh
  b. 17 Apr 1877, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  d. 1922, Miskolcz, Borsod, Hungary
  m. Ernő Demeter de Szeő-Demeter