Saturday, August 06, 2011

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: The Birth Record of Alex Gombash in 1896

I was delighted the other day, to see that FamilySearch had updated the Hungary Civil Registrations database. The new update added records for the towns of Szentmihály and Tiszadob.. the two towns my great-great-grandparents came from! The civil registration records for these towns weren't previously available on microfilm, so I was instantly excited! I knew I would finally be able to find the birth record of my great-grandfather, Alex Gombash. Here is an extracted copy:

Page 292
Town: Szentmihály
Date: 10 Nov 1896
Who appeared before registrar: Schvartz Fáni
Occupation: Midwife
Residence: Szentmihály house number 561
The undersigned registerer

Father: Gombás Sándor
Religion: Evangelical Reformed
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Szentmihály house number 1041
Birthplace: Szentmihály
Age: 24

Mother: Tóth Eszter
Religion: Evangelical Reformed
Occupation: Homemaker
Residence: Szentmihály house number 1041
Birthplace: Tiszadob, Szabolcs megye
Age: 22

Birth Place: Szentmihály house number 1041
Birth Date: 07 Nov 1896
Birth Time: 3 P.M.
Gender: Male
Religion: Evangelical Reformed
Name: Sándor