Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: Anna Weishaupt's Baptism in 1868

With the recent update to the FamilySearch database "Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1935", I was able to obtain a copy of my 2nd-great-grandmother's baptism record. The following are an image and extract of that record:

Date of Birth: 06 May 1868, 9a.m.

Date of Baptism: 07 May 1868

Place and House Number: Graber, Number 64

Name of Child: Anna

Religion: Catholic

Gender: Female

Legitimacy: Legitimate

Father: Weishaupt Josef, häusler in Graber N. 64; son of the deceased Franz Weishaupt, häusler in Graber N. 64 and the deceased Anna Maria, daughter of the deceased Josef Müller, häusler in Johnsdorf N. 28.

Mother: Maria Anna, daughter of the deceased Franz Kasper, feldgärtner in Graber N. 90 and Maria Anna, tocther of the deceased Josef Reichenbach, gärtner in Graber N. 4.

Sponsor: Anna Hesse, daughter of Anton Hesse, (occuptation unknown) in Graber N. 6.

Sponsor: Anna Weishaupt, daughter of the deceased Franz Weishaupt, häusler in Graber N. 64.

Sponsor: JOhanna Hackel, daughter of Josef Hackel, (occupation unknown) in Hermsdorf N. 33.

Sponsor: Josef Führich, son of Franz Anton Führich, (occupation unknown) in Graber N. 22.

Sponsor: Josef Petters, son of Ignaz Petters, feldgärtner in Johnsdorf N. 22.