Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Connection To President Andrew Jackson

With the addition of today's new database on FamilySearch called "Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927", I've been scouring through the counties and records trying to find documents for my ancestors. I struck gold tonight! In the documents listing the sale of the personal estate of my 6th-great-grandfather, Samuel Hays, it lists that the future president Andrew Jackson had been made the legal guardian for Samuel Hays' children! How cool is that?

After reading through the entire document though, I found it a bit strange that the children were sent to live with Andrew Jackson and the entire personal estate of Samuel Hays sold... when his wife was still alive. Very weird. It makes no mentions of the sale of real estate, so I assume Samuel Hays' widow, Elizabeth, remained on the property. Did she remarry and when was the land sold?

Here is the extract of the typed record: 

SAMUEL HAY'S Estate Divided & C. May 29th 1795. Pursuant to an Order of Court made last January Term 1795 Authorizing and Impowering John Bosley Michael Glaves and Samuel Donelson to Divide the monies Arising from the Sale of the personal Estate of Samuel Hay's Deceased Amongst the Legattees and heirs of the Afsd. Saml. Hays. And We the aforementioned John Bosley Michael Glaves & Samuel Donelson do Certify that We have placed in the possession of Andrew Esquire Special Guardian for sd. Legattees The Sum of four hundred And Seventeen Dollars and three Shillings in Notes, but that One hundred and forty one Dollars and five Shillings of the Afsd. Notes are yet due but that the Remainder of the NOtes Two hundred and Seventy five Dollars Six Shillings have been long due W. do further Certify that each Childs Propertionable part is Eighty three Dollars Three Shillings and Eight pence; We further Say that Mrs Hays Widow is indebted to the Children One hundred fifty Dollars Six Shillings and Ten pence and that She has not given in her Note for the Same or any part thereof and that no more Notes Than mentioned Above, nor any money, have come to our hands Certificed this 11th day of April 1795. Errors and Mistakes Excepted. Signed John Bosley, Michael Glaves & Samuel Donelson