Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: Bohemian 1717 Reichenbach-Möltzer Marriage

I've been doing more and more research into my Bohemian lines lately (they're ethnic Germans), and I'm finding more and more information. Thanks to FamilySearch initially for adding these records online, however I'm finding that the actual Litoměřice archives has digitized their collections and put them online themselves. Which I am extremely grateful for, because FamilySearch's collections seem to be missing a few register books here and there. You can also search for an exact town/community within the Litoměřice archives records, whereas you can only browse via FamilySearch. Both have their pros and cons, but I'm finding I prefer the Litoměřice archives much better. Faster loading images, also. Here is the record I found today:

Entry Number 2
Married on 31 January 1717; bachelor Johann Michäel Reichenbach of Waltersdorf and
virgin Elisabeth, deceased Christoph Möltzer gardener (farmer) in Waltersdorf' daughter.
Witness: Georg Wiesner, cottar in Nieder Politz and Christoph Hahnel, farmer in Waltersdorf.