Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Birthday - May 30th

Today is my birthday and I'm now 24! I thought it'd be neat to search my database and see who all was also born on May 30th. Here is what I found:

Acker, Mary Jane:
She was born 30 May 1864 in Pickens County, Alabama to Baylis Grace Acker and Elizabeth Frances Clardy. She was married to my 1st cousin 4 times removed Lewis Banks Rodgers, Sr., on 04 Jan 1883 in Cherokee County, Texas. They had eleven children from 1883 to 1908!

Berzeviczy de Berzevicze, Mária:
She was born on 30 May 1895 in Eperjes, Sáros megye, Hungary. Her father was Elek Berzeviczy de Berzevicze and her mother was Anna Hrabéczy de Vágujhely. Mária is a very distant cousin of mine, and to date I'm related to her three times:
*9th cousin, 3 times removed
*11th cousin, 2 times removed
*12th cousin, 2 times removed

Blum, Georg
Georg was born 30 May 1786 in Sulzbach, a tiny community in Gutach, Ortenau district, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Conrad Blum and Anna Maria Lauble. Georg's paternal 3rd-great-grandparents Christian and Magdalena Blum (born in 1590's) are my 10th-great-grandparents. Georg is my 4th cousin, 7 times removed.

Bodogh, Eugene John
Eugene was born 30 May 1912 in Alpha, Warren County, New Jersey. He was born to Kálmán Bódogh and Paulina Szankó. Kálmán was born in Nemesszalók, Veszprém megye, Hungary. This line of Bódogh's were a branch of my cousins who left Miskolc in Borsod megye and resettled in Veszprém megye. The earliest members of this branch that I know of are the two brothers János and István. János was the progenitor of the Veszprém megye branch and he was a reverend. He was born about 1809 and died 05 Dec 1880 in Mihályháza, Veszprém megye, Hungary. István was a land-owner in Felsõ-Iregh, Tolna megye, Hungary. I'm not sure if he had any children or descendants. I believe the two brothers may have been born in Miskolc.

Cielewich, Edmund Edward
Edmund was born 30 May 1899 in Medina, Orleans County, New York. His parents are William P. Cielewich and Anna C. Gottovi. I also descend from the Gottovi family, and Anna is my 2nd cousin, 5 times removed.

Savoy-Carignano, King Amadeus I of Spain
He was born 30 May 1845 to King Victor Emanuele II of Italy and his wife Maria Adelaide Habsburg-Lotharingen. I'm related to King Amadeus I of Spain through countless connections, but our closest link is 15th cousins, 9 times removed through our ancestor Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmoreland. Amadeus's wife was Maria Laetitia Bonaparte, the great-niece of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Erwin, William Armstrong
He was born 30 May 1840 in McMinn County, Tennessee. He was the son of James William Erwin, Jr. and Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers. Elizabeth is the daughter of Joseph Rodgers and Elizabeth Donaldson. My 5th-great-grandfather James Rodgers, is the brother of Joseph.

Habsburg, Claudia Felicitas
She was born 30 May 1653 to Ferdinand Charles Habsburg and Anna Medici. She was the wife of Leopold I, King of Hungry and Holy Roman Emperor. Claudia is a prime example of the extent of inbreeding with the royalty of Europe. Her paternal grandfather is the brother of her maternal grandmother. Her paternal grandmother is the sister of her maternal grandfather. Her paternal great-grandparents are the exact same as her maternal great-grandparents. It doesn't help her case that her ancestors married into more Habsburg and Medici lines. Our closest line of connection makes us 11th cousins, 10 times removed.

Kolpack, Herman Gustav
He was born 30 May 1860 in Western Prussia, Germany. He was the son of Christoph Kolpack and Karolina Majewska. Herman Gustav is the grandfather of Milton, the husband of my grandmother's step-sister, Gloria Flemming.

Porkoláb, Erzsébet
She was born 30 May 1835 in Tiszadob, to Lajos Porkoláb and Borbála Szabados. Erzsébet is my 4th cousin, 4 times removed.

Porkoláb, László
He was born 30 May 1855 in Tiszadob, to György Porkoláb and Erzsébet Tamási. I'm related to László through both the Porkoláb and Bódogh families. His paternal grandmother is my 5th great-aunt.

Rodgers, Kenneth Orman
He was born 30 May 1919 in Montgomery County, Mississippi to Norman Lester Rodgers and Myrtle Pearl Bennett. Norman is the brother of my great-grandfather Fred Lamar Rodgers. Myrtle is my 2nd cousin, 4 times removed (twice, as her mother and father were first cousins).

Summ, Conrad
Conrad was born 30 May 1850 in Gutach, Ortenau district, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Johann Georg Summ and Anna Maria Schondelmaier. They were the owners at one point in time of the house called Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach. The house was passed onto Conrad's brother Jakob and then onto Jakob's daughter Christina. She was the last owner of the house until it became a museum. Conrad is the brother of my 3rd-great-grandfather Johann Georg Summ, who married Maria Blum.

Wöhrle, Georg
Georg was born 30 May 1722 in Gutach, Ortenau district, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Johannes Wöhrle, a bauer in the community Herrenbach, and Maria Breithaupt, my 1st cousin, 10 times removed. Georg was married to Barbara Schüssele, on 25 May 1745 in Gutach. Barbara is my 2nd cousin, 9 times removed.