Friday, August 28, 2009

Taktaszada Parish Records - Update #1

It's been three days since I last wrote about my transcription project for Taktaszada. In the past three days, I was able to transcribe and upload 52 more years worth of baptisms for the town. The baptisms currently range from the years 1755-1845. The records end in 1895, so that means I only have 50 more years worth to transcribe and upload. I'm hoping for this to be finished sometime in the middle of next week.

Then it's onto the death records! But, I may take a break to give my wrists a break. I can feel the carpal tunnel coming on a bit! haha..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Aristocratic Cousins!

I hit the major jackpot yesterday with my Hungarian research. I found access to the 'Libri Regii' otherwise known as 'Királyi Könyvek' online, at:

With this resource I was able to find information on my Izdenczy de Komlós family. This family began with a Márton who was granted nobility on 21 Jan 1696 by King Leopold I. Márton was an upper-military man, this is how he gained his nobility and land holdings. In 1685 he was in command of the Tokaj fortress under Imre Thökölyi. In 1709 he was serving under Prince Ferenc Rakóczy II.

Here is the Izdenczy de Komlós Coat of Arms:

I found a record in this Libri Regii stating the wife of Márton, along with her parents. Here is what the record stated:

"Nobiles dominas Barbaram, Martini Izdenczy consortem
filiamuero praenarrati Stephani quondim Horvath de Perlak,
et praedicta Nobili condim dua Margaretha Berzeviczy"

It simply states that the "Noble lady Borbála, wife of Márton Izdenczy, is the daughter of the previously mentioned István Horváth de Perlak and the previously mentioned noblewoman Margit Berzeviczy".

The István Horváth de Perlak mentioned, was granted nobility on 13 Mar 1613. His wife was Margit Berzeviczy who comes from an extremely old and very large noble family. The Berzeviczy de Berzevicz easily traces it's roots back to a man named Rutkér. He was living in 1209 and he was an "ispán", which translates out to "steward". History states that Rutkér was originally from the mountainous areas of Tirol in Austria. He later moved to the Carpathian mountain area. He arrived in Hungary around the same time as Gertrude of Andechs, when she arrived in Hungary as the wife of King András Árpád II.

Rutkér had two sons: Herman and Rikolf. Herman was known to be living in 1246 and Rikolf was known to be living in 1270. Rikolf had two sons, János and Rikolf. It is through János that the Berzeviczy family descends. Through Rikolf descends the Tárczay family.

Here is the Berzeviczy de Berzevicz Coat of Arms:

Through the Izdenczy de Komlós family, I am kin with these aristocratic and royal families:
  • Baron Izdenczy de Monostor és Komlós
  • Baron Rukovina von Vidovgrad
  • Baron Solymosy de Loós és Egervás
  • Count Khuen-Belasi
  • Count Khuen-Belasi-Héderváry
  • Count Lodron-Laterno und Castelromano
  • Count Matz von Spiegelfeld
  • Count Nemes de Hidvég et Oltszem
  • Count Vay de Vaja
  • Count von Clary und Aldringen
  • Count Woracziczky von Pabienitz
  • Count Zichy de Zich et Vásonkeö

Through the Berzeviczy de Berzevicz family, I am kin with these aristocratic and royal families (not including the ones listed above):
  • Baron Berzeviczy de Berzevicz
  • Baron Szalay-Berzeviczy de Kéménd
  • Count Aspremont-Lynden und Reckheim
  • Count Dessewffy de Csernek et Tarkeö
  • Count Zichy-Kürth de Zich et Vásonkeö
  • Princely Rákóczy de Felsõ-Vadász

If you're related to or descend from any of these families, please contact me!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taktaszada Parish Records

Much of you know that about two years ago I undertook a massive transcribing project for Tiszadob. It's not complete and I've directed my attention to a new target: Taktaszada.

The Taktaszada parish records began much earlier than Tiszadob (which began in 1786). Their record keeping began in 1755 with baptisms. It wasn't until 1733 that the death/burial and marriages finally began to be recorded as well. It's a shame they didn't begin in 1755 as well, but that's the luck of the genealogist.

To date, I have the marriage records are complete. They cover the years 1733-1895. Although I did originally begin the death/burial records next, I thought it a much better idea to begin the baptism instead. The baptism is a much more higher priority to researchers. As of right now, I have 1755-1793 complete. I have 102 more years to complete.

I've been researching in Hungarian parish records for nearly 10 years now. It still astounds me that the extensive amount families never really moved or left their hometown. People from Tiszadob stayed in Tiszadob.. people from Taktaszada stayed in Taktaszada. Only sometimes they would marry into a neighboring village's family. So because of this, it's not uncommon to be related to most (if not all) of the residents of the village at the time. It's nothing about cousins marrying cousins, but it definitely reminds me of the deep south families of America. The families of a town were so closely connected. We all are truly related to everyone. :)