Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surname Saturday #15: Weishaupt

Weishaupt is the surname of my 2nd-great-grandmother, who is of German-Bohemian ancestry; her nationality was Bohemian, yet her ethnicity was German. I've been able to make a lot of progress on this family over the years, with a lot of thanks to FamilySearch. The Roman Catholic church records for Kravaře, Litoměřice, Czech Republic (formerly Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia) were not previously available on microfilm or online up until a couple years ago. This town has an astounding 31 microfilms! That's HUGE compared to the usual 1 or 2 for the Hungarian parishes! Anyway.. thank you FamilySearch! This is what I know on the Weishaupt family:

1. Anna Weishaupt (photo to the right)
b. 06 May 1868, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
d. 11 Jan 1951, Antigo, Langlade County, Wisconsin
m. Johann Philipp Julius "John" Stuempges; 28 Sep 1887, Newburgh's Corner, La Crosse County, Wisconsin
*Lewis Carl Stuempges, b. 16 Jul 1888, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Susanna Stuempges, b. 11 Nov 1890, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Ida Stuempges, b. 29 Sep 1891, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Adolf Julius Stuempges, b. 06 Nov 1893, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Eddie Willie Stuempges, b. 07 Sep 1894, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Arthur A. Stuempges, b. 26 Jul 1898, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Walter John Stuempges, b. 10 Jun 1899, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Agnes Stuempges, b. 02 Apr 1902, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Herman Frank Stuempges, b. 08 Oct 1904, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Irvin Albert Stuempges, b. 19 Sep 1906, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin
*Bernice Stuempges, b. 22 Nov 1911, Coon Valley, Vernon County, Wisconsin

2. Joseph Weishaupt
b. 29 Nov 1827, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
d. 20 Sep 1914, Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin
m. Maria Anna Kasper; 25 Feb 1862, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Joseph Weishaupt, b. 18 Dec 1859, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Theresia Weishaupt, b. 06 Nov 1861, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*August Weishaupt, b. 30 Oct 1863, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Franz Xaver Weishaupt, b. 24 Feb 1865, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Anna Weishaupt, (above)
*Emma Gertrude Weishaupt, b. 02 Feb 1871, Wisconsin
*Mary Weishaupt, b. Aug 1873, Wisconsin
*Willie Weishaupt, b. 09 Aug 1875, Wisconsin
*Otto Weishaupt, b. 04 Oct 1876, Wisconsin

3. Franz Joseph Weishaupt
b. 23 Nov 1799, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
d. 01 Dec 1860, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
m. Anna Maria Müller; 06 Feb 1827, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Joseph Weishaupt, (above)
*Stillborn, b. & d. 28 Aug 1829
*Ignatz Weishaupt, b. 27 Apr 1831, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Augustin Weishaupt, b. 05 Aug 1834, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Theresia Wesiahtup, b. 06 Aug 1838, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Wenzel Weishaupt, b. 08 May 1842, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Maria Anna Weishaupt, b. 26 Jan 1845, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia

4. Franz Weishaupt
b. unknown, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
d. after 1831, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
m. Anna Dorothea Tietze; date unknown, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Franciska Weishaupt, b. 02 May 1798, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Franz Joseph Weishaupt, (above)
*Benedikt Weishaupt, b. 18 Mar 1802, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Franz Anton Weishaupt, b. 24 Mar 1804, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Veronika Weishaupt, b. 05 Jun 1807, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Katharina Weishaupt, b. 12 Sep 1809, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Theresia Weishaupt, b. 14 Oct 1813, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Anna Dorothea Weishaupt, b. 13 Jan 1818, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia

5. Anton Weishaupt
b. about 1722, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
d. 02 Jan 1801, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
m. Anna Maria Sandrich; 14 May 1753, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Johann Joseph Weishaupt, b. 23 Oct 1754, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Maria Elisabeth Weishaupt, b. 15 Apr 1756, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Anton Weishaupt, b. about 1762, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Ignatz Weishaupt, b. 08 Jun 1765, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Johann Wenzel Weishaupt, b. 27 Sep 1766, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Rosalia Weishaupt, b. 08 Jun 1768, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Benedikt Joseph Weishaupt, b. 13 Oct 1770, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Anna Dorothea Weishaupt, b. 07 Mar 1775, Graber, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Franz Weishaupt, (above)

6. Christoph Weishaupt
b. unknown
d. probably Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
m. Dorothea; date unknown
*Johann Joseph Weishaupt, b. May 1716, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Johann Christoph Weishaupt, b. Jun 1718, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Johann Franz Weishaupt, b. Aug 1721, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Anton Weishaupt, (above)
*Jacob Weishaupt, b. Mar 1724, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia
*Johann Franz Weishaupt, b. Jan 1727, Schönau, Leitmeritz, Bohemia