Monday, April 09, 2012

My Genealogical To-Do List

Earlier tonight, I saw a genealogy friend on Facebook make a post about some potential lines of research that had opened up for her recently. I haven't had too much time lately to research my own family, but it got me to thinking about what lines I still need to work on for my own family. So i'm compiling a list of my top lines I still need to research, including a little bit of information on what I already know.

1.  Prechtal, Baden, Germany
My 7th-great-grandparents are Johannes Haas and Barbara Burger. I descend through their daughter, Anna Catharina Haas, who was born on 28 August 1748. Anna Catharina also had two brothers that I know of: Johannes and Simon. The father and two sons all had the occupation of 'kirchenpfleger', which was a person in charge of the church's finances and estate. All three were also farmers, and Simon was a judge as well. There must have been some kind of money within this Haas family, for them to have had such high positions in their community as these.

2.  Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald, Baden, Germany
My 5th-great-grandmother is Christina Schultheiss, born 05 February 1792 to Johann Georg Schultheiss and his wife, Christina Haas. I do know that Christina Schultheiss had two siblings (possibly more?), named Brigitta and Jacob. Brigitta was married to a man named Jacob Weisser. Johann Georg Schultheiss was a schreiner by occupation, which was a joiner.. a carpenter of sorts.

3.  Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
My 5th-great-grandparents are Johann Georg Sum and Katharina Reuter. Johann Georg was born on 07 January 1785, to Christian Sum and Annna Maria Lehrer. Katharina Reuter was born on 25 August 1789, Johannes Reuter and Anna Maria Sum. As you can see, there are two Sum lines of descendancy.

4.  Weinolsheim, Kreis Oppenheim, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
My 4th-great-grandfather was Johann Phillipp Sprengling, born in May of 1796 to Johann Peter Sprengling and Katharina Lohr. I know that Johann Phillipp was married two times: first to Elisabetha Krause and second to Katharina Mai. Both father and son were an 'ackermann' by trade.

5.  Dolgesheim, Kreis Oppenheim, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
My 4th-great-grandmother was Katharina Mai, birth date unknown, to Nikolaus Mai and Anna Barbara Stallmann. Nikolaus was a 'wagnermeister' by trade.

6.  Putzig parish, West Prussia, Prussia
Two sets of 5th-great-grandparents are from this parish. The first is Anton Adass, born 15 September 1788 in Blansekow, to George Adass and Anna Hirt. His wife, Marianna Kolp, was born about 1804. The second set were Franz Meina/Meyna, born about 1789-1796 and Justina Kolp, born about 1805. Take note of the two Kolp lines of descendancy.

7.  Gross Starsin parish, West Prussia, Prussia
My 3rd-great-grandmother was Marianna Rosalia Pletzke (possible Plotzke?). She was born 15 August 1848 in Reddischau, to Joseph August Pletzke and Rosalia Hinzke.

8.  Brzyskorzystew parish (Znin), Bydgoszcz, Poland
My 4th-great-grandfather was Martin (Marcin) Domagala/Domagalski. He was born anytime between 1859-1865 (several conflicting birth dates on vital records and censuses), to Adalbert Domagala/Domagalski and Marianna Gadacz. Adalbert and Marianna were married on 14 May 1853 in the parish of Brzyskorzystew.

9.  Kurnik parish, Poznan, Poland
My 6th-great-grandparents were Melchior Lesniewski and Marianna Kaminska. Melchior was born about 1794 to Jacob and Marianna Lesniewski. Marianna was born about 1800 to Joseph and Marianna Kaminski. Melchior and Marianna were married in 1820 in Kurnik.