Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surname Saturday #7: Martin

Long has this family been a mystery to me up until a few years ago, when I started to finally make some breakthroughs. Martin is the surname of my paternal great-grandmother on my mother's side of the family. Here is what I know on this line:

1. Ellen Inez Martin
b. 04 June 1902, Carrollton, Carroll County, Mississippi
d. 02 May 1991, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi
m. Fred Lamar Rodgers; 10 June 1917, Grenada County, Mississippi
*Children omitted for privacy reasons.

2. Samuel Christopher Columbus Martin
b. 02 Feb 1850, Gaston County, North Carolina
d. 16 Feb 1922, Grenada County, Mississippi
m1. Mary Britnal; 06 Dec 1873, Carroll County, Mississippi
m2. Samantha Aylene Costilow; bef. 1901, possibly Carroll County, Mississippi
m3. Evie Evelyn Rodgers; 27 Sep 1908, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Millie Martin, b. abt 1874, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Samantha "Sammie" Martin,  b. 1901/1902, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Ellen Inez Martin, (above)
*Mossie Glispie Martin, b. 28 Dec 1904, Carroll County, Mississippi
*James Gordon Martin, b. 17 Aug 1906, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Sam Hart Martin, b. 03 Jun 1907, Carroll County, Mississippi

3. William S. Martin
b. abt 1804, Lincoln County, North Carolina
d. 1860/1868, Mississippi (Civil War???)
m1. Ann L. Hannah; 04 Feb 1831, Lincoln County, North Carolina
m2. Ellen P. Hovis; 01 Sep 1845, Lincoln County, North Carolina
*George J. Martin, b. abt 1834, Lincoln County, North Carolina
*Thomas H. Martin, b. abt 1837, Lincoln County, North Carolina
*Mary C. Martin, b. abt 1846, Gaston County, North Carolina
*Elmira Terissa Martin, b. 28 Jan 1848, Gaston County, North Carolina
*Samuel Christopher Columbus Martin, (above)
*Saliana Martin, abt 1854, Gaston County, North Carolina
*John L. Martin, b. abt Feb 1856, Gaston County, North Carolina
*Nancy Martin, b. abt 1858, Gaston County, North Carolina
*Ollie M. Martin, b. abt 1860, Mississippi

William S. Martin's parentage is uncertain, but one there's one thing i'm positive of.. he's the grandson of Samuel Martin, a Captain during the Revolutionary War. Here is his information:

5. Samuel Martin
b. 26 Mar 1732, Ireland
d. 18 Nov 1836, Dallas, Lincoln County, North Carolina
m. Margaret McCurdy
Both are buried in the Goshen Presbyterian Cemetery in North Belmont, Gaston County, North Carolina

*Anne Martin, b. abt 1766, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*Jane Martin, b. abt 1771, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*Robert Martin, b. abt 1773, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*William Martin, b. abt 1774, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*Joseph Martin, b. abt 1774, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*Margaret Martin, b. abt 1775, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*James Martin, b. abt 1776, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*John Martin, b. abt 1780, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*Mary Martin, b. abt 1784, Tyrone County, North Carolina
*George Martin, b. abt 1781/1784, Lincoln County, North Carolina
*Thomas Martin, b. unknown, North Carolina

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miklós Horthy: An Admiral & Regent of Hungary

Miklós Horthy was born into a family of mixed religions and backgrounds. His paternal family were middle-class to upper nobility and were of the Calvanist (Reformed) religion.  His maternal side was half middle-class and upper nobility, as well as German. I did some research in Miklós' family tree, and these are my results.

Miklós was born on 18 Jun 1868 and baptized on 10 Jul 1868, in Kenderes, Jász-Nagy-Kun-Szolnok, Hungary. He was the son of István Horthy de Nagy-Bánya and Paula Halasy de Dévaványa. Make note in his baptismal record of this parent's religions; his father is listed as Reformed and his mother as Roman Catholic.

Research into István's family yields that he was born on 13 Feb 1830 and baptized on 17 Feb 1830, in Ramocsaháza, Szabolcs, Hungary, to István Horthy de Nagy-Bánya and Amália Puky de Bizák. Make note of his well-off godparents: Baron Pál Bánffy de Losoncz and his wife, Amália Borbély de Tiszaroff.

A marriage record for István and Amália provides a tiny bit more information; Amália was a resident of Tiszaroff. They were married on 31 May 1827 in Ramocsaháza, Szabolcs, Hungary.

Although Amália was living in Tiszaroff at the time of her marriage, she was born in a different town: Pánd,​ Pest-​Pilis-​Solt-​Kis-​Kun,​ Hungary. She was baptized on 26 Jul 1805 and was the daughter of Simon Puky de Bizák and his wife, Borbála Borbély de Tiszaroff. Her residence in Tiszaroff makes sense now, as her mother's family owned land in the town.

Going back into Ramocsaháza, you can find the baptism of István, Amália Puky's husband. He was baptized on 02 Dec 1795 and was the son of László Horthy de Nagy-Bánya.

Starting from the beginning, I went back to Miklós Horthy's mother, Paula Halasy. She was baptized on 18 Mar 1838 in Kenderes, Jász-Nagy-Kun-Szolnok, Hungary. Her full name listed on her baptismal record is listed as "Paulina Alexandrina Katalin Josepha". She is the daughter of József Halasy de Dévaványa and his wife Erzsébet Gerber. The godparents to her baptism were Ferencz Gerzon and his wife, Baroness Katalin Vay de Vaja.

Research into further books and nobility resources yielded more information, which you can find detailed in the pedigree chart above. Any information concerning Erzsébet Gerber's parents would be greatly appreciated.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Surname Saturday #6: Czarny

Czarny is the surname of my paternal grandmother's mother. They were a Polish family who immigrated to Chicago from a village called Osobnica, Poland. Thanks to the help of a distant cousin and friend, I've been able to add additional data to this line that I normally wouldn't have been able to. You know who you are, and thank you! :) Here is my line:

1. Martha Violet Czarny
b. 24 Apr 1911, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
d. 23 Oct 1989, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
m. Edward Robert Adas, Sr.; 16 May 1934, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
*Mary Louise Adas (my grandmother), b. 02 Mar 1940, Chicago; d. 03 May 1896, Chicago
*Edward Robert Adas, Jr., b. 08 Sep 1941, Chicago; d. 15 Oct 1995, Chicago

2. Wojciech Czarny
b. 24 Apr 1888, Osobnica, Poland
d. Oct 1961, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
m. Rozalia Sophia Wozniak; 26 Oct 1908, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
*Edward Michael Czarny, b. 03 Jul 1909, Chicago; d. 08 Oct 1994, Chicago
*Martha Violet Czarny (above)
*Helen T. Czarny; information omitted for privacy.

3. Szymon Czarny
b. abt 1839, Osobnica, Poland
d. unknown
m1. Anna Dybaś; bef. 29 Jan 1870, Osobnica, Poland
m2. Katarzyna Kiełtyka; 27 Apr 1875, Osobnica, Poland
*Grezgorz Czarny, b. 1870, Osobnica, Poland
*Jakub Czarny, b. 1872, Osobnica, Poland
*Agata Carny, b. 1874, Osobnica, Poland
*Anna Czarny, b. 1876, Osobnica, Poland
*Jozef Czarny, b. 1878, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1962, Chicago
*Marcin Czarny, b. 1880, Osobnica, Poland
*Agata Czarny, b. 1882, Osobnica, Poland
*Sophia Czarny, b. 1885, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1956, Chicago
*Wojciech Czarny, (above)
*Marianna Czarny, b. 1892, Osobnica, Poland
*Anna Czarny, b. 1896, Osobnica, Poland; d. 1959, Chicago

4. Jakub Czarny
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Marianna Pięta; 06 Nov 1867, Osobnica, Poland
*Szymon Czarny, (above)
*Jan Czarny, b. 1844

5. Andrzej Czarny
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Teresa