Friday, January 15, 2010

Record Search Findings: A Few Bódogh Obituaries

I was browsing through Record Search's database "Hungarian Funeral Notices", and I came upon these obituaries for our cousin Dr. Albert Bódogh and his wife Malvina Szepessy de Négyes.

Albert was born on 10 May 1829 in Nemesbikk, Borsod megye to Péter Bódogh and Erzsébet Szegö. He at some time was married to Malvina Szepessy de Négyes, she was the widow of Imre Darvas de Nagy-Réth. Albert was a docter of medicine in Hungary. The above obituary states "Borsodi orvos-gyógyszerész egylet", which means he was member of the Borsod Doctors of Medicine Club. He died on 12 Apr 1886 in Miskolc, Borsod megye, Hungary. His funeral services were held on 14 Apr 1886 in Miskolc.

In the beginning of this obituary, it states the names of this two children: Albert and Erzsike (Erzsébet).

This obituary is for Albert's wife, Malvina Szepessy de Négyes. She was born about 1838 in Hungary, to László Szepessy de Négyes and Terézia Csoma de Ragyolc. She died on 25 Jan 1880 in Budapest, Hungary and the services were held on 26 Jan 1880. Her obituary includes the following family:
Husband: Albert Bódogh
Children: Albert Bódogh and Erzsébet Bódogh
Children from previous marriage: Malvina Darvas de Nagy-Réth, wife of József Lichtenstein de Homrogd, Antal Darvas de Nagy-Réth, and Róza Darvas de Nagy-Réth, wife of Miklós Kóczán de Tuzberk

Record Search Findings: A 1919 Budapest Marriage

A few months ago, I found a marriage for cousin of mine in Budapest. His name is Bénjámin Porkoláb, and he was born in Tiszadob on 30 Jul 1894 to Bénjámin Porkoláb and Juliánna Pethe (de Kis-Szántó). I am related to Bénjámin (the son) through at least four different lines. They are the Porkoláb family (3rd cousin, 4 times removed), Bódogh family (5th cousin, 3 times removed), Varga family (5th cousin, 4 times removed) and the Pethe de Kis-Szántó family (connection unknown as of yet). His mother, Juliánna, comes from the neighboring town of Büdszentmihály, and was born about 1857. I need to research her baptism and connect her into my Pethe de Kis-Szántó family.

Bénjámin was married to a woman named Ilona Petrovics, on 07 May 1919 in Budapest District I. She was born 12 Aug 1900 in Csobánka, Pest megye (county), to Zsigmond Petrovics and Ilona Streit. Bénjámin was living at Krisztina körét 112 and Ilona was living at Koronaőr utca 19. The witnesses to the marriage were János Paulovics, living at Koronaőr utca 19, and Henrik Qertel, living at Márvány utca 38.

Follow Friday - 15 Jan 2010

This is the first time I'm participating in Friday's weekly event. I wanted to highly János Bogárdi's blog RadixLog- Hungarian genealogy blog ( He hasn't been able to write for a few months, but he's a great source for new Hungarian resources and databases for genealogy.

If you're interested in Hungarian genealogy, you should also check out some of his other pages: (Genealogy research in Hungary) (Board for Hungarian Genealogy Research) (RadixRobot - a somewhat new powerful Hungarian genealogy database/website search engine)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hays Rodgers, Sr.

Hays Rodgers, Sr. (my 4th-great-grandfather)
Born: 01 Feb 1793, Greene County, Tennessee
Died: Dec 1862, Pine Springs, Lauderdale County, Mississippi
Married: Mary A. Scott, 16 Dec 1816, Clarke County, Alabama

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Hungarian Resources

There's a great Hungarian resource I need to share with everyone. János Bogárdi has created some amazing gazetteers for the Austria-Hungary empire. He has one for 1877 and now he's created one for the early 1900's. Here are the links:

The 1877 gazetteer is a very important resource to me, I use it for all my Hungarian research. János has it organized by counties (megye), and then sorted alphabetically by district and then place name. He then gives the church parishes in which the town residents would've belonged. And the best part.. he links directly to the Family History Library Catalog, if microfilms are available for the parish.

The 1900 gazetteer is new, but looks promising as well. With this project coming from János, it'll no doubt end up just as great as the 1877 gazetteer.

2 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow, January 12th, it'll be two years since the passing of my great-grandmother, Sylvia Flemming. I'd like to share a little information about her and include some pictures. You won't be forgotten, grandma.

She was born Sylvia Laura Hattie Martin on 28 May 1909 in Langlade County, Wisconsin. Her parents were Gustav Martin and Maria Summ. Gustav's family were from Brandenburg and Pommern, and Maria's family was from Baden. Sylvia was baptized on 13 June 1909 at St. Peter's church in Polar. Her baptismal name was Sylvia Maria Bertha Hedwig Martin.

(Elaine Stuempges & Sylvia Flemming in Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan)

Sylvia was married to Walter John Stuempges on 21 Sep 1927 in Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota. They had two daughter, Elaine (my grandmother) on 31 Dec 1926 in Polar, and Eunice on 27 Sep 1928. The marriage was an unhappy one, Walter was an abusive alcoholic. Sylvia divorced him in 1944.

(Elaine Stuempges & Sylvia Flemming at Brookfield Zoo)

Sylvia later married a widower named Ewald Ferdinand Flemming. They farmed and lived happily until his death in July of 1987, just one month after her daughter Elaine (my grandma) passed away. She was a loved and well-spoken of woman and she'll always be remembered as such. Rest In Peace, grandma.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiszadada Marriage Index Officially Complete!

The Tiszadada, Hungary marriage index is finally complete! I began typing the index on November 5, 2009 and I completed it last night, January 9, 2010. Two months isn't bad! Not to mention A LOT of procrastination.

Here's a little information on the Tiszadada marriage records. The Tiszadada Reformed church began recording baptisms in 1761, marriages in 1763 and deaths in 1767. They're microfilmed up until 1895. Over the 132 years of marriages, 1,873 marriages occured and were recorded. The earlier records began as very basic. The groom and bride were named and mentioned the town of origin, if not from Tiszadada. Then either the bride's father or deceased husband (if she were a widow) were listed.

The later on you get in the marriages, the more information was recorded. Ages soon became recorded in the late 1770's. Some random fathers to the grooms appeared here and there from 1775 to 1830, but didn't officially start being recorded until 1853. The bride's father was listed since the beginning of the records. The mother's name for the bride and groom doesn't start appearing until 1877. From then on, everything became more and more consistent. Beginning in around 1882, birth dates were recorded here and there with the ages. It didn't become consistent until about 1886-1887.

Now I did something differently with these marriage records than I did with Tiszadob and Taktaszada. The first time with Tiszadob and Taktaszada, I typed up the records into a table in a Word document. This time, in Tiszadada, I created a template (which I will use from now on) and typed the index in an Excel spreadsheet. Now, I've never used Excel before and I don't know how to incorporate it into my webpage, so I'll need to do some reading. Unless someone reading this has some prior experience?! :)

For now, I'll just give a direct link to the Excel data file. It may open up directly in your browser, or it may download and open up in Excel on your desktop. I'm not sure. But the file isn't large.. it's just text and no images. I'd like to know how everyone feels about the template I used to index the records. Give me some feedback!