Friday, September 07, 2012

Surname Saturday #17: Gulyás

Gulyás is the surname of my 3rd-great-grandmother on my direct paternal Gombash line. This is the information on her line:

1. Zsuzsánna Gulyás
b. 27 Jul 1850, Büdszentmihály, Szabolcs, Hungary
d. after 1909, Büdszentmihály
m. József Gombás; 15 Dec 1869, Büdszentmihály
*Sándor Gombás, b. 21 Feb 1872, Büdszentmihály
*Balázs Gombás, b. 23 Aug 1877, Büdszentmihály; d. 07 Mar 1878, Büdszentmihály

2. István Gulyás
b. 12 Apr 1817, Büdszentmihály
d. 21 Mar 1895, Büdszentmihály
m. Zsuzsánna Pethe de Kis-Szántó; 05 Dec 1838, Büdszentmihály
*Gábor Gulyás, b. 19 Jul 1841, Büdszentmihály
*Zsuzsánna Gulyás, (above)
*Gábor Gulyás, b. 11 Aug 1853, Büdszentmihály
*Károly Gulyás, b. 10 Oct 1856, Büdszentmihály

3. Márton Gulyás
b. 18 Apr 1773, Büdszentmihály
d. 10 May 1860, Büdszentmihály
m. Erzsébet Kottán; 08 Dec 1802, Büdszentmihály
*István Gulyás, b. 01 May 1804, Büdszentmihály
*Mária Gulyás, b. 07 Sep 1805, Büdszentmihály
*Márton Gulyás, b. 11 Nov 1807, Büdszentmihály
*Zsuzsánna Gulyás, b. 04 Aug 1811, Büdszentmihály
*Sára Gulyás, b. 24 Mar 1814, Büdszentmihály
*István Gulyás, (above)
*Sára Gulyás, b. 18 Oct 1820, Büdszentmihály

4. György Gulyás
b. bef. 1737, Büdszentmihály
d. unknown
m. Erzsébet Pethe de Kis-Szántó; 30 Jan 1754, Büdszentmihály
*Sámuel Gulyás, b. 09 Aug 1755, Büdszentmihály
*Judit Gulyás, b. 16 Oct 1756, Büdszentmihály
*Erzsébet Gulyás, b. 16 Sep 1757, Büdszentmihály
*Judit Gulyás, b. 10 Aug 1759, Büdszentmihály
*Márton Gulyás, (above)
*Sára Gulyás, b. 18 Jun 1780, Büdszentmihály
*Katalin Gulyás, b. abt 1781, Büdszentmihály

5. Sámuel Gulyás
b. abt 1676, Hungary
d. 07 Jul 1743, 
m. Sámuelné; unknown date
*Sámuel Gulyás, b. bef. 1719, 
*Mária Gulyás, b. bef. 1722, 
*Ilona Gulyás, b. bef. 1722, 
*Márton Gulyás, b. bef. 1725,
*Zsuzsánna Gulyás, b. bef. 1728, 
*György Gulyás, (above)
*István Gulyás, b. unknown

FamilySearch Find Of The Day: 1848 Tippah County Land Deed for Hiram Howell

Tippah County, Deed Book H, pages 197-198

Hiram Howell, Deed from, David Howell
SW 1/4, Sec. 7, T5, R2E

This Indenture made and entered into this the 3rd day of April, eighteen hundred and forty eight between David Howell and his wife Parthena Howell of the first part witnesseth and Hiram Howell of the second part the for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars in hand paid the first party by the second party the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said first party has bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain sell and convey unto the said party of the second party his heirs and assignes the following piece of land lying and being in said County of Tippah and known in the plan of the Chickasaw survey in the State of Mississippi as the South West qr. of section (7) seven of Township (5) five Range (2) two East with all the improvements thereon to have and to hold to him the said party of the second part his heirs and assignes forever and the said party of the first part do for themselves heirs and legal representatives forever warrant and defend the right title interest and claim in and to the above described land against the lawful claim or claims of any or all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the first party has hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year above written.
David Howell (seal)
Parthena Howell (seal)

State of Mississippi, Tippah County
Personally appeared before us, A. Aynes a Justice of the Peace for said County the written named David Howell who acknowledged that the signed sealed and delivered the foregoing deed on the day and year therein mentioned as his act and deed also personally appeared before us Parthena Howell the wife of the said David Howell who on a private examination by us separate and apart from her husband acknowledged that she signed sealed and delivered the foregoing deed on the day and year therein mentioned as her act and deed freely without any fear thereas or compulsion of her husband. Given under my hand and seal this 3rd day of April 1848.
A. Ayns (seal), Justice of the Peace
The foregoing deed was filed for record the 11th day of May 1848 and recorded the 30th day of May 1848.
Daniel Hunt, clerk

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Maternal Lineage: Update 2

It's been a year exactly since my last update on my direct-maternal lineage. I've found out a lot since then, and actually a lot just last night. One interesting thing I found out over the year, is that my MTDNA belongs to Haplogroup K. That means I share MTDNA with Ötzi, the famous ice-man whose remains were found on the Ötztal Alps just inside the Italian border.

Now for the data. The last I knew a year ago, was my dead-end ancestor Catharina Beilharz and her mother Barbara Winkler. Here is an update on all the new data I've found:

1. Catharina Beilharz
b. 16 Jan 1761, Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 30 Oct 1818, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m1. Christian Brohammer; 26 Sep 1787, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m2. Georg Breithaupt; 27 Sep 1807, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Brohammer, b. 24 Sep 1788, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Conrad Brohammer, b. 01 Jul 1790, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Maria Brohammer, b. 08 Nov 1793, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany

2. Barbara Winkler
b. 20 Mar 1736, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. bef. 30 Oct 1818, Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m1. Johann Blum; not married-illegitimate child
m2. Johann Jacob Beilharz; 04 Sep 1758, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Catharina Beilharz, (above)
*(need to check for further children!)

3. Catharina Aberle
b. 05 Dec 1701, Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. unknown
m. Conrad Winkler; 16 Nov 1723; Hornberg, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christina Winkler, b. 24 Dec 1724, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Lucia Winkler, b. 12 Aug 1727, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Anna Winkler, b. 29 Jul 1728, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Susanna Winkler, b. 24 Sep 1731, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Winkler, (above)

4. Anna Maria Löhrer (also spelled as Lehrer)
b. 12 Dec 1684,  Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
d. unknown
m. Jacob Aberle; 14 Feb 1699, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Maria Aberle, b. 14 Jul 1700,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Catharina Aberle, (above)
*Lucia Aberle, b. 04 May 1705,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Christina, b. 17 Apr 1708,  Schenkenbach, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany

5. Maria Obergfell
b. unknown
d. unknown
m. Jacob Löhrer; 21 Aug 1660, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Hans Jacob Löhrer, b. 21 Jun 1669, Schondel, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Hans Georg Löhrer, b. 17 Jan 1678, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Löhrer, b. 24 Apr 1679, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
*Anna Maria Löhrer, (above)

There are at least 25 more years of church records available, prior to Maria Obergfell's marriage (in 1660) so I'm fairly certain I'll be able to find her baptism record. If I'm lucky, I might even find the marriage for her parents which would include HER mother's maiden name! That unfortunately would be the absolute dead-end on my maternal line. Let's cross our fingers and hope for good things! And a fun new interesting name for the final surname of my direct maternal line!

Surname Saturday #16: Summ

The Summ family has been one of my most treasured branches of my family. I know so much about this immediate side of the family and am blessed to have been handed down a wealth of information and pictures. I am eternally grateful for my grandmother and her ancestors for all of this! This is the information I know on my Summ family:

1. Maria Summ
b. 23 Jul 1883, Antigo, Langlade County, Wisconsin
d. 06 Apr 1972, Antigo, Langlade County, Wisconsin
m. Herman Wilhelm Gustav "Gust" Martin; 23 Jul 1907, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Harold Johann Gustav Martin, b. 18 Apr 1908, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Sylvia Maria Bertha Hedwig Martin, b. 28 May 1909, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Leonard Herman Martin, b. 28 Oct 1911, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Marlow Charles Martin, b. 09 Jul 1914, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Oscar Carl Herman Martin, b. 18 Feb 1916, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Anita Maria Florella Martin, b. 23 Nov 1917, Polar, Langlade County, Wisconsin

2. Johann Georg Summ
b. 24 Jan 1853, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 13 Mar 1923, Norwood, Langlade County, Wisconsin
m. Maria Blum; 26 Oct 1882, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
*Maria Summ, (above)
*Carl J. Summ, b. 22 mar 1888, Norwood, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Herman Georg Albert Summ, b. 19 May 1894, Norwood, Langlade County, Wisconsin
*Marcus Carl Julius Summ, b. 12 Mar 1903, Norwood, Langlade County, Wisconsin

3. Johann Georg Summ (changed from Sum to the current Summ)
b. 18 Jan 1816, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 16 May 1906, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m. Anna Maria Schondelmaier; 16 Jul 1843; Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christian Summ, b. & d. 1841, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christian Summ, b. 09 Jun 1843, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Johann Summ, b. 27 Feb 1846, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Anna Maria Summ, b. 15 Aug 1848, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Conrad Summ, b. 30 May 1850, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Johann Georg Summ, (above)
*Jacob Summ, b. 16 Feb 1855, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Stillborn (twin), b. & d. 17 May 1857, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Stillborn (twin), b. & d. 17 May 1857, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Jacob Summ (twin), b. 12 May 1860, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christine Summ (twin), b. 12 May 1860, Vogtsbauernhof, Gutach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany

3. Johann Georg Sum
b. 07 Jan 1785, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 20 mar 1849, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m1. Katharina Reuter; 10 Mar 1811, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m2. Anna Maria Wolber; 18 Jan 1824, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Christian Sum, b. 26 Sep 1812, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Johann Georg Sum/Summ, (above)
*Johannes Sum, b. 25 Mar 1819, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Conrad Sum, b. 13 Sep 1825, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Stillborn Sum, b. & d. 19 Dec 1829, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Georg Sum, b. 02 Nov 1834, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany

4. Christian Sum
b. 13 Oct 1759, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
d. 17 May 1853, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
m. Anna Maria Lehrer
*Christina Sum, b. date unknown
*Johann Georg Sum, (above)
*Christian Sum, b. 06 Jan 1791, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Barbara Sum, b. 28 Aug 1793, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Maria Sum, b. 29 Aug 1796, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany
*Georg Sum, b. 20 Sep 1799, Kirnbach, Ortenau Kreis, Baden, Germany

I have a lot more research to perform on this line of the family, but that's time permitting and when I actually order the Kirnbach Evangelical microfilmed records via the LDS. Any relatives care to help contribute to these costs? I could go back probably another 100 years or so. :)