Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Blog Is 2 Years Old Today!

I made my first blog entry.. ever.. two years ago today, on February 13th, 2008. In that first blog, I talked about my current research and what I knew on my family. Over the past two years I've talked a lot about my family and my research, and I've also proved and disproved a lot of things with my ancestry. I just wanted to say thank you to my growing number of followers. I've been pretty busy with my new website Hungary Exchange and also indexing Hungarian marriages.. but I'll have some new posts really soon. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - The Domagalski's

This is the headstone for my 3rd-great-grandparents, Martin Domagalski and Agnes Gotowa. I'm not sure about most of Martin's origins, but I do know where his parents were married in Poland. I'm not sure when he came to America.

Agnes came to America in 1883 with her mother Josephine (Lesniewski) Gotowy from Gluschin, Posen. Agnes was one of eleven children! The Gotowy's settled in Medina, Orleans County, New York, where a lot of descendants can still be found today.

Martin and Agnes were married in Medina and had their first child, Josephine (my 2nd-great-grandmother) there in 1886. Sometime before March of 1888, they moved to Chicago with relatives and remained there until they both passed away in 1917. They're buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Cook County, Illinois. They had a total of 12 children.