Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surname Saturday #14: Costilow

I've been researching this line ever since I started doing genealogy, and it has been a pretty dead-end line. Here is what I know on this family:

1. Samantha Aylene "Mancie" Costilow
b. 02 Dec 1869, Holmes County, Mississippi
d. 13 Aug 1908, Carroll County, Mississippi
m1. L. Joseph Lancaster; date unknown
m2. Samuel Christopher Columbus Martin; abt 1900
*Willie David Lancaster, b. 08 Sep 1895, Montgomery County, Mississippi
*Joe Lafayette Lancaster, b. abt May 1897, Montgomery County, Mississippi
*Samantha "Sammie" Martin, b. abt 1901, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Ellen Inez Martin, b. 04 Jun 1902, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Mossie Glispie Martin, b. 28 Dec 1904, Carroll County, Mississippi
*James Gordon Martin, b. 17 Aug 1906, Carroll County, Mississippi
*Sam Hart Martin, b. 03 Jun 1907, Carroll County, Mississippi

2. James Andrew J. Costilow
b. 25 Dec 1833, Yazoo County, Mississippi
d. 22 Feb 1923, Montgomery County, Mississippi
m1. Martha A. Miller; 25 Jul 1855 (place unknown; source of this date unknown. Anyone have information???)
m2. Alvana Adams; 29 May 1879 (place unknown)
m3. Sarah F. Elizabeth "Sallie" Tollison; 09 Nov 1896 (place unknown)
*Mary Catherine "Mollie" Costilow, b. 28 Apr 1856, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Frances A. "Fanny" Costilow, b. 19 Dec 1857, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Octavia Jane Costilow, b. 21 Sep 1861, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
*James D. Costilow, b. 19 Dec 1861, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Walter Lynn Costilow, b. 23 Oct 1865, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
*William Thomas Costilow, b. 02 Dec 1867, Holmes County, Mississippi
*Samantha Aylene "Mancie" Costilow, (above)
*Samuel James "Bud" Costilow, b. 19 Nov 1871, Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Ceabron Callihan "Pony" Costilow, b. 19 Nov 1871, Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Edward Jefferson "Babe" Costilow, b. 24 Jan 1874, Yazoo County, Mississippi
*Amanda Viola "Mandy" Costilow, b. 13 Aug 1877, Yazoo County, Mississippi

3. James Costilow
b. abt 1775-1794, place unknown
d. between 1838-1848, Holmes or Yazoo County, Mississippi
m. Mary Bethia Hopkins; 17 Sep 1818, Adams County, Mississippi
*Daughter Costilow, b. abt 1818-1820, Adams County, Mississippi
*Mary Jane Costilow, b. abt 1829, Adams County, Mississippi
*James Andrew J. Costilow, (above)
*Henry Costilow, b. abt 1835, Yazoo County, Mississippi