Monday, September 05, 2011

My Maternal Lineage: Update 1

Back in May of 2010, I made a post highlighting my maternal line from my family tree. You can find that here. Since then, I've been able to make a tiny bit of progress which I'll share with you all here.

As of May 2010 my ninth generation maternal ancestor was the following:

9) Catharina Beilharz
Born 16 Jan 1761, Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
Died unknown
Married Christian Brohammer, 26 Sep 1787, Gutach, Ortenau, Baden, Germany

Several months ago I was finally able to locate the death record for Catharina (pictured to the right). This death record states that she died on 30 Oct 1818 in Gutach. The death was recorded on 01 Nov 1818. She was born on 16 Jan 1761 to late Johann Jacob Beilharz, a day-laborer from Hohenweg (a community in Gutach previously belonging to Hornberg), and the late Barbara Winkler (Winklerin; a lot of German records add "-in" to the end of surnames for females, much like Poland using "-ska" for females instead of "-ski". She was married first to Christian Brohammer on 26 Sep 1787. She was married second to George Breithaupt, a day-laborer in Sulzbach (a community in Gutach), on 27 Sep 1807. She was 57 years, 9 months and 7 days old.

With this information, I'm able to add one more generation to my maternal lineage:

10) Barbara Winkler
Born unknown
Died before 30 Oct 1818, possibly Hohenweg, Hornberg, Ortenau, Baden, Germany
    (Catharina's death record states Barbara was deceased)
Married Johann Jacob Beilharz, before 16 Jan 1761

Now, I just need to order the microfilms for Hornberg... all 6 of them!