Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hungarian Marriages

I've been contemplating the idea lately of a Hungarian Marriage project, much similar to the Poznan Project. I would like this project to cover the entire area of the Kingdom of Hungary during the 19th century. The aftermath of WWII brought on the Treaty of Trianon, which resulted in a massive loss of Hungarian territory. Hungary lost about 72% of it's land. The lost lands were then merged or created into these new lands: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Galicia, Romania and Yugoslavia.

I already have two towns complete: Tiszadob and Taktaszada. With the great advances of records being put online by FamilySearch, I've been able to start the HUGE undertaking of the marriage records for Budapest. I haven't even made a dent yet.. but it's going.

I'm interested in any ideas or suggestions anyone and everyone may have. I'm also looking for volunteers to help index the marriages. I do already have an Excel spreadsheet layout created, which I've been using. Contact me at if you're interested.